November 2, 2016


I am writing today because the zoo, in the Santa Cruz North Mission, isn't open Mondays! This week went by really fast. I haven't yet been able to swallow the word "November."  I'm still in denial about all this.

We had a noche de postres, ward party with desserts! Hermana Cayambe and I talked about how in the family, the dessert is eternal life- living together, happily as forever families. Then the Elders led the blindfolded members on the iron rod! At the end they entered the room with desserts with Motab lightly playing. I dont know if there will be chocolate cake in the celestial kingdom, but the Spirit was strong enough to testify to even the member with the hardest heart that the only way to get there is to hold onto the rod. Teresa and 2 of her young adult children entered the church for the activity for the first time in a long time. Christ guides the work.
We went to pick up Hortencia and her son Bryan for church! They have been having some problems, the good old mother/son fights. They didn`t know I was watching, but during the Sacrament, Bryan reached for his mother`s hand and smiled at her and said, ¨peace¨ until Hortencia finally smiled and they ended their fight. The Spirit is strongest during the sacred time of the Sacrament.
Monday was one the most successful days we`ve had! We were guided and protected by the Spirit! Halloween isn`t a thing here and all the Christians dressed in white and marched through town to bring light to Halloween!

My bed broke the morning that Hermana Rodriguez came to inspect the house and when she saw my broken bed and in her Spain accent yelled, ¨Why dont you open your mouth!¨ Then the secretary over the materials of the mission asked one of the other hermanas I live with, ¨Is it true that someone in your apartment needs a new bed?¨ and Hermana Monar yelled, ¨YES. Hermana Park has been sleeping on the floor for a week!¨ And the Colombian Elder said, ¨Oh, Ave Maria.¨ had to be there.

The Book of Mormon is perfect. Being a representative of the Living Christ is a joy. I love you all! Have a great week! I´m off to a rainy zoo adventure!

Hermana Park

PICS: randoms with members, from the activity, making majadito, Hna Cayambe ¨killing me¨

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