October 26, 2016

Bienvenida dìa santo!

The Relief Society Pres. from Guaracal, the neighboring ward, who made me a card because I had companion exchanges with Hna Alvarez and she accompanied us.

Group activity!

 the "Z" family made us fried chicken and we taught them about the Plan of Salvation.

17 months

Do you know who wrote the 10 commandments and how they were written?

The "Z" family told us they couldn`t come to church because they decided to sell food Sunday morning.Que va a hacer. So we passed by last night and Jorge told us that they lost money and decided that it`s a really bad idea to work on Sundays. His reasoning was because everyone goes to the countryside and no one is in town, but overlooked the reasoning that it`s a commandment from God. This week I came to realize that God wrote the 10 commandments with his finger. The longest commandment is to keep the Sabbath Day holy. He took the time to write 4 verses specifically on this commandment. If He took that time, it`s a pretty important commandment.
Yesterday during Sacrament meeting the Elders called me over and said, ¨Hermana Park. Did you know you are giving a talk?¨ ¨No.¨ ¨Well you`re giving a talk.¨ I had the short time of the youth speaker to ponder on what to say and it came back to my mind what we learned in January in the worldwide missionary transmission: if you don`t know what to say, talk about the Savior. I was able to bear my proud testimony on the Savior and His infinite love as He took everything voluntarily upon Himself, so we don`t have to suffer as much. We can receive His help. As we do our part, try our hardest, humble ourselves, and accept His loving invitation to go to Him, He helps us.
We do our part by keeping the commandments. :)
And more miracles and blessings and things I seriously never have time to write.

I love you all! Keep the Sabbath Day holy and send God a sign of your love by your actions this Sunday!!

Hermana Park

Random things:
This week has been really special! In our zone meeting they surprised us by calling up the other 2 sisters, Hna Monar and Hna Aspiazu who are both leaving with my group, and me to bear our testimonies. Then the wicked zone leaders made us all sing God Be With You Til We Meet Again!
We got the news that we can now eat fish - if it`s fresh!, lettuce - if it`s really clean!, and strawberries - if they were frozen! NEXT WEEK I WILL BE WRITING ON WEDNESDAY BECAUSE WE`RE GOING TO THE ZOO! :)

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