October 26, 2016

Bienvenida dìa santo!

The Relief Society Pres. from Guaracal, the neighboring ward, who made me a card because I had companion exchanges with Hna Alvarez and she accompanied us.

Group activity!

 the "Z" family made us fried chicken and we taught them about the Plan of Salvation.

17 months

Do you know who wrote the 10 commandments and how they were written?

The "Z" family told us they couldn`t come to church because they decided to sell food Sunday morning.Que va a hacer. So we passed by last night and Jorge told us that they lost money and decided that it`s a really bad idea to work on Sundays. His reasoning was because everyone goes to the countryside and no one is in town, but overlooked the reasoning that it`s a commandment from God. This week I came to realize that God wrote the 10 commandments with his finger. The longest commandment is to keep the Sabbath Day holy. He took the time to write 4 verses specifically on this commandment. If He took that time, it`s a pretty important commandment.
Yesterday during Sacrament meeting the Elders called me over and said, ¨Hermana Park. Did you know you are giving a talk?¨ ¨No.¨ ¨Well you`re giving a talk.¨ I had the short time of the youth speaker to ponder on what to say and it came back to my mind what we learned in January in the worldwide missionary transmission: if you don`t know what to say, talk about the Savior. I was able to bear my proud testimony on the Savior and His infinite love as He took everything voluntarily upon Himself, so we don`t have to suffer as much. We can receive His help. As we do our part, try our hardest, humble ourselves, and accept His loving invitation to go to Him, He helps us.
We do our part by keeping the commandments. :)
And more miracles and blessings and things I seriously never have time to write.

I love you all! Keep the Sabbath Day holy and send God a sign of your love by your actions this Sunday!!

Hermana Park

Random things:
This week has been really special! In our zone meeting they surprised us by calling up the other 2 sisters, Hna Monar and Hna Aspiazu who are both leaving with my group, and me to bear our testimonies. Then the wicked zone leaders made us all sing God Be With You Til We Meet Again!
We got the news that we can now eat fish - if it`s fresh!, lettuce - if it`s really clean!, and strawberries - if they were frozen! NEXT WEEK I WILL BE WRITING ON WEDNESDAY BECAUSE WE`RE GOING TO THE ZOO! :)

October 17, 2016

Trials make you stronger!

With Grandpa the night before she left on her mission, May 2015.
Ice Cream

A mask that Derly's daughter made

Her bed that was broken and then fixed

I was in a service project making candy flowers for the relief society Friday night and we were leaving at 7:55 pm. Then Kelly, the counselour of the Relief Society said she didn't want us to leave until she could give us a glass of water. Which was out of the usual. I was there, drinking my water, when the worst person to get a phone call from called me, Presidente Rodriguez. It`s strange because when Grandma passed away, I knew it before President called. But this time, I actually had no idea. I answered and he said, ¨Good evening Hermana Park. I got the news from your mom that your Grandpa Park has passed away.¨ I was fine. I mean, he has been holding on by a thread for years, but I was also a little mad because I have been praying for this whole time that Grandpa could be there when I got home. I thought, why! Couldn't Heavenly Father just wait one month more to take him? But then through hugs from hermanas and the Spirit, I realized that it really is a happy thing. Grandpa Park lived a lot longer than he should have, and he is now happily with Grandma and his mother he hasn't seen since he was 4! The Gospel is so perfect. 

But to give you some follow up on everything Los Olivos,
We had what the "Z" family called a ¨hot lesson¨ on the Book of Mormon. They started out saying that they wanted to ¨break up with us¨ and stay in their own church and ¨just be friends¨ but ¨it`s not you it´s me¨ So we asked if they had read their Book of Mormon. They replied, but the kids...and the work...and there isn`t time. Which resulted in a hot lesson about how the only way they are going to be able to be able to have a happy, successful family would be through this church and the priesthood authority that Joseph Smith restored. Jorge left and returned with his phone and put himself a date saying, ¨I will read the entire Book of Mormon by October 28th.¨ We`re going to visit them tonight
The Familia "A". We taught only half the family this week about how knowing that the church is restored makes it possible to be sealed to their son who passed away. The sweet family of members, the Familia "B", gave them a picture of the temple. 
Hortencia is drowning in sadness for the decisions of her sons. But there is always hope through Christ. You have to put in your part and be obedient to receive blessings.
And many many more things that happened but there`s never enought time!!

I love you all! 
Hermana Park

October 10, 2016

Hey, let`s go down a different road this time.

I`m going to tell you about the Familia "A".
We were walking one day and the Spirit led us down another route. As we walked, Hna Cayambe with her big sombrero and me in my sunglasses, a man and his daughter approached us. The dad was really happy to embarrass his 18 year old daughter Marìa. He said, ¨She wants to be your friend!¨ He gave us his address and we went the next day. He saw us from the window and came running out to let us in. His daughter Marìa and her sister Marina (17) were holding the door closed! The dad was shoving it open and yelling and well, Hermana Cayambe and I were a bit worried. He got it, told his daughters that we are the kind of friends he wants them to have, and shut the door. We started talking to them, and found out that they have a big family, 3 boys and 3 girls :) and that their oldest brother passed away 4 months ago. We instantly understood why we were there and who changed our route. We taught them about the Plan of Salvation, then returned Saturday and taught the entire family the message. They started to fight about their brother`s death and whose fault it was, so I hummed  ¨Love at Home¨ trying to keep the Spirit there. We then taught them about the Book of Mormon and they quieted down. They were so curious and we left them with the Book to read and they invited us to have lunch with them this week.

If we hadn`t followed the prompting to take a certain road, we wouldn`t have found them. I am completely sure that their brother has accepted the gospel in the Spirit World, they told us that he was very active in his Christian church, and he is just waiting for his family to accept so they can go to the temple. We found the 20 year old brother Alvaro last night, a wreck, because his mom had told him that it`s his fault that his brother died. We gave him his own copy of the Book of Mormon and again, we were led to him by the Spirit, or by his brother. 

I am so grateful to have the gift of the Holy Ghost - and to know how to use it!

Follow a prompting this week. This is just one of the many miracles we`ve seen this week by following the Spirit.

I love you all!!

Love, Hermana Park

October 3, 2016

Miracle is a 7 letter word

La Colorada Zone

1. We are 98% sure that we found an apartment. It`s in a beautiful safe condo. The owner gave us the price and we asked the zone leaders. They said that if we could lower it $60 dollars, it`s ours. We prayed and called the owner, exaplining that we`re Christians, we wont use the pool or the garage and he lowered it to the exact price the zone leaders had asked. That never happens. 
2. We prayed to know where to go and decided on visiting a recent convert. While walking to her house, we found Soledad, a woman who has brothers in Argentina who are members. She is really excited to learn about the gospel and find out why her brothers are so happy, and we are really excited to teach her and her family!
3. We were looking through future investigators we had contacted and Hna Cayambe wanted to visit someone named Magdalena. I said, ¨Are you sure? When we contacted her a couple months ago and made an appointment, she hid from us.¨ haha but Hna Cayambe is pure and innocent, and wanted to go! We ended up finding her neighbor Hortencia, who has been off the radar lately. We had a great lesson with her, her son Bryan, and her niece Claudia. They accepted the challenge to be baptized, but want to pray about it first. Great!
4. Hna Cayambe lost her agenda and as we were looking for it, the Secretary to President called and said that someone had called Presidente and had it. Who else but our good friend Mario we always see in the street. He accepted the Book of Mormon and promised to read it. Heavenly Father`s plan is so perfect. There`s a reason behind everything that happens.
5. (Not for the faint of heart) We spent a day walking visiting and contacting many people and at the end of the day I said, hey my foot hurts. I got a blister, but that doesnt stop me. The next day it turned black! haha I called my good friend Hermana Huber and she told me to stab it with a needle and drain the liquid out. What. I prayed and my good old Trompillo companion who I live with Hna Alvarez came in. She had Hna Sanchez and Hna Cabrera hold my arms down as if I was in State Hospital South and they drained out blood. I prayed because I didnt want to have to stay inside but I literally couldnt walk, and trusted in Hna Huber, who after I told her it was a blood blister she said, ¨ooh sorry. Just forget about it and it will go away!¨ and then it didnt hurt anymore. I am really grateful for my health because I do not like being locked inside the house! :) Dont worry because I`m fine!
6. We found Chachi, who is in one of the pictures with us in purple dresses, and she told us how grateful she is that we visit her. She`s alone. Is having legal problems with her ex husband. But said that she feels her faith growing. She compared it to her banana tree outside.
7. Conference was the best and I loved every minute of it! Miracle that I learned and understood every single word in the beautiful Spanish language. 

There are always miracles. Every day there are miracles. We couldn`t do this work alone. 7 is also a sad number because that is the number of weeks I have left to serve the Lord. This week I enter into my last transfer as a missionary and there is nothing that can keep me from working. Not even a blood blister. Im grateful to be Hermana Park :) and even more grateful for my Salvador Jesus Christ.

with love, Hermana Park