December 22, 2015

Happy Christmas Harry Potter

We decided to take a group pic with the less active member that we´ve been visiting when she invited over all of her friends to watch A Savior is Born! 

I´m honored to be a gringo (gringa)

We went to Crocan Pollo

Merry Christmas this week! I feel like Christmas 2014 was yesterday! 

We got our transfers.....AND I STAYED. This will be my 3rd transfer with Hermana Petroff, but I´m not complaining! :)

This week we were able to find a few new families to teach, the work is coming along, we are almost ready to split the stake in Tarija! Exciting things are happening! :)

I love you all and my Christmas wish is that everyone can have a happy time and just forget all your worries and only think about what this time of the year is for. Think of Christ. Think of the Baby in the manger. 

I LOVE YOU and merry Christmas! :)


Hermana Park

December 14, 2015

Màs Cristo

Last Monday we had an activity with the hermanas in my zone! We each brought a weird piece of clothing that we found in our apartment from a past hermana, and it got miscommunicated to Hermana Antonio from Peru, so I got a really cute skirt! haha 

I made a tree to put all of the mittens that everyone sent me on, and I promise it looked a lot cuter before it fell down and I had to use an unbelievable amount of tape to keep it up. But thanks for everyone who sent me one with a cute note! :)

The Bishop´s family, and Roxana and Jonny´s family last night in the family home evening! :)

It was a great week! As the sister leaders we were able to study with every companionship individually then inspect their apartment! Life in Bolivia is a bit toasty lately. Someone send some snow my way! 

Last night we had an adorable family home evening at the Bishop´s house with a family we are teaching, Roxana and Jonny. The Bishop gave the lesson on how we are all children of God, and they had never really thought about that before. It was a wonderful night and we had so much fun with them! They are learning that when they read The Book of Mormon, everything goes better, because they stopped reading for a while and basically everything went wrong in their lives that week. I hope that you can all really delight in reading the Book of Mormon. I promise that life goes better when you read! :) Like we tell the people we teach, at least 5 minutes every day. It´s better to read a little, than nothing at all! 

Next week is Christmas! The time is literally flyyying. As you all get all cozy with your hot chocolate and cookies and finish Christmas shopping, think of what gift you are going to give to Jesus Christ. Will you be more patient, more loving, read your scriptures more, dedicate all of Sunday to Him? Heavenly Father gave us Him as the best gift we have received! I hope we can all repay the favor and make this Christmas more about Christ and less about us. What´s really interesting is that in Spanish the word màs means more. So make this Christmas màs Christ! I love you all! 


Hermana Park

December 7, 2015

Letter Day!

When you send me 2 packages and they come on the same day!

At the waterfall with my zone

Candid with the contents of the package

The Culligan headband is my favorite! 

The zone leaders just gave me 18 LETTERS and I thought it was a joke. Everyone who sent one is an angel! So thank you! You know who you are!

Today we hermanas are going to a church to play soccer, then we are going to play a little white elephant game where everyone brought a weird piece of clothing from their house, because literally there are just bags and bags in every area from past sister missionaries, then we are eating a pizza. They call it the interminable, or unfinishable. 

Friday morning I woke up to hear ¨In the name of Jesus Christ, I command thee to leave!¨ And Hermana Petroff had a dream she was casting out a ghost. hahahaha gotta love companions! 

Sometimes things don´t go the way you wanted, but you just keep going and keep smiling because the mission is full of miracles! I may not have my hymnal because I lost it and my scriptures may be water stained because it´s been raining so much lately, but I have a wonderful family, food to eat, and a place to sleep. So there´s nothing wrong in my life :)

On Monday, we got to go to Santa Cruz for the leadership council with the mission president. It was all about the Sabbath Day. President told us a story of when he watched an apostle take the Sacrament. He picked up the bread, cried, then ate it, like he was literally eating the flesh of Christ. I tried to really keep the Sabbath Day holy. To holify it. So this week I want to challenge everyone to really sanctify the Sabbath Day. Don´t treat it like any other day! Give yourself a break from life and read your scriptures :) 

I love you all! Stay safe and have a snowball fight! 

Love, Hermana Park

November 30, 2015

The Liahona

Thanks for everyone who sent me pictures of the funeral! It looked beautiful! I was just about to tell you all how cold it was here this weekend, but I think y'all win. haha 

In honor of everyone coming home, I hope some kid on a bike yelled at everyone and told them to go back to their respective state. (Ask Doug and Marisa) Because someone just yelled ¨Good afternoon! This isn't your country!¨ haha 

We had a zone conference with President this week! It went really well and we got to see the new Christmas video from the church! It is really cute so I hope you have all seen it! 

Since I got to the mtc and saw people with conference Liahonas I thought how lame I was for just printing off a few talks when I could've just brought them all together. So I have always wanted a Liahona, or Ensign, from the April conference. I have one, but it´s in Spanish and even though I can read it, it´s not the same! We have a stack of Liahonas in the house because we get one every month. I organized them a few weeks ago, but didn´t see one. Then yesterday we were leaving for a lesson with a family about the prophet, and I knew there was one in Spanish, so as I hurriedly dug through them, an English one fell out! I just sat there on the ground, literally hugging a Liahona. Something that we take for granted and just put out for decoration when it comes in the mail. I felt as if it was Heavenly Father telling me that He has not forgotten about me. He gave me something so simple that I had always wanted, because the God, Creator, One who has the plan, loves ME. And you.

Hermana Park

November 23, 2015

The grave hath no victory and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ

Her last photo with Grandma Park on the day Emily was set apart as a missionary, May 18, 2015

Well, it's never a good sign to see the mission president's name on your phone. But when the call came I knew what it was. Happy that grandma is now free from her pain. I was reading today in True to the Faith and I really liked the part that says "the only way to take sorrow out of death is to take love out of life." When President called he said "I know you've got a big day planned today, but you'll get a little more help from grandma today." 

One of my favorite scriptures that I have never been able to apply until now is in Mosiah 16:8, "But there is a resurrection, therefore the grave hath no victory and the sting of death is swallowed up in Christ." I know that grandma is so happy right now and I am so grateful to have the gospel to know that there is life after this! What a comforting reassurance it is that we have the Plan of Salvation. She was "received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where [grandma] shall rest from all [her] troubles and care, and sorrow." (Alma 40:12) I hope you all celebrate her life with applesauce cookies and Hallmark movies! :) 

It was a crazy Saturday after getting the call to have to plan a baptism! Mateo Choque got baptized! His wife is close, but Mateo was ready and didnt want to wait for her. haha He even said that he wished that tithing was more because 10% just isnt enough. It was a beautiful time and we did nothing. He was ready. 

It was a crazy week and today we are going with all 16 hermanas in Tarija to see a waterfall! So that should be fun :) I hope you all have a wonderful week, remember how much you are loved, and please eat turkey because there isn't any here. haha 

I am grateful for this opportunity that I have to be here and to be helping people know this great news that we have in this gospel. I am grateful for the hot sun here in Tarija and for my companion Hermana Petroff. There is nowhere I would rather be than here in Tabladita! :) I am grateful for my family and that we can be together forever. 

I hope everyone can say a prayer of only gratitude this week! I love you all.

Love, Hermana Park


November 17, 2015

hi scout

and bathroom picture just for you mom. hahaha 

my district! minus the elder on the right. haha he's a zone leader that was sitting in.

one of our families we're teaching! Roxanna and her kids Mariam the oldest, Mishel, then the baby Sebastian! The husband jonny wasnt home but we wanted to take a picture anyways! haha 

because who likes normal pictures. Especially when it looks like I don't have any legs! hahah

they have salteñas here and it's filled with chicken, potatoes, and other fun stuff! a member of the bishopric has a little shop of them near our house! :)

my zone with our shirts that the stake presidency got us and our goal of baptisms until the end of the year. just so happened that our way tall zone leader from Argentina stood in front of the poster. haha 


They weren't lying when they said it rains here. We have had some little rain storms but on Tuesday night at 8pm. we had the most rain I have ever seen. It was CRAZY. Lightening! Thunder! The whole 9 yards!

We are teaching the cutest family in Bolivia. (see pic) and we were teaching about the 10 commandments and we got to the part about adultery...and the little girls wanted to tell us what it meant. Mariam (8) told us that it's when you kill an adult. Mishel (5) told us that it's when you rob someone and the devil dances. haha close! It's been a wonderful week here in Tabladita! 

I have heard some interesting things happening there with the church and such. Something I learned this week is that before the Savior comes again there will be many tests of faith to see who really is on the Lord's side. Follow the counsel of the prophet,who receives direct revelation from God. I once heard a story from one of my companions that there was a ward party and 3 men ran in with masks and guns. They said that they would shoot everyone who believed in Christ and if you didn't to leave. Many people in the ward left and only the faithful stayed. Then they took of their masks and it was the bishopric. hahaha obviously not real. But makes ya think. Who's side are you on? The world's or God's? 

Love, Hermana Park

November 9, 2015

The sun came out and I'm staying in Tabladita :)

Part of our area in the mountains 

We made peanut butter cookie bars but all we had to put them in was a frying pan so it looks like refried beans, but I promise it's not. haha

My companion got sick during our weekly planning and slowly fell asleep on the ground. #weeklyplanninggonewrong

My food on the airplane, because Bolivia always gives you food even when your flight is only an hour!

The sun came out for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday, so Tarija is a happy place to be! I also noticed that the stars really do twinkle here.

We had stake conference and there were SO MANY people there! It was wonderful :) Presidente and Hermana Willard came to talk and everyone loves them! 

Transfers went well! We got the call Tuesday night that I am staying here in Tabladita with Hermana Petroff :) We are still the hermana leaders for the zone! So that meant that Wednesday we got to fly to Santa Cruz for a meeting with President and Hermana Willard and all of the other sister leaders and zone leaders in the mission! I learned so much! We talked all about how we can be better leaders and it ALL comes back to love. And I love love. haha Because if we love God, then we will love the work, the other sisters, our investigators. EVERYONE.
I read The Tongue of Angels again this morning! My ponderize scripture is James 3:10 "Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be." I would like to personally invite everyone reading this email to LOVE a little more this week and try to be as kind as possible. Our words have the ability to help or hurt. I hope we choose to help and speak as Jesus would speak :)
Here is some love to all of the beautiful people reading this!


Hermana Park


November 2, 2015

And they who reject this glad message, shall never such happiness know.

At the Bishop's house last night for FHE

Waiting with Hermana Petroff for the transfer calls that never came

The District

Exchanges with Hermana Antonio from Peru

Soaking wet from the rain, with Greek Pizza

First off, I hope Cora had a very happy 4th birthday :) I loved the pictures I got of her and Gemma and Michelle! I have the cutest nieces! :)

We saw miracles and a whole lot of rain here this week! We found Diego and his contract was messed up so he was still here, until he moves tomorrow. So we had a lesson and buckled him down for his baptism. He cancelled on us 2 nights in a row then told us Friday night that he needs more time. Whatdya do. haha

So we were running back to the house because it was raining, we didn´t want to be soaked, and we needed to get back before 9, and as I tried to avoid a puddle and I tripped over Hermana Petroff and fell face first, on my stomach and my bag into a big puddle. As I laid on the ground soaking in the puddle, I thought I could either get up and cry or get up and laugh. And so I cried..because I was laughing so hard. There we were in Tabladita. 2 girls from the United States in skirts. Soaking. hahaha I just laughed and thanked Heavenly Father for this opportunity to get to know the ground a bit better. Haha Don´t worry because I only have scraped knees. But really, I love being soaked in
the rain. haha

A man rode by me in a bike and yelled "Rubiacita" And I laughed for a really long time because I pictured dad on his bike yelling that. haha

It was a great, rainy week! Usually transfers are Sunday night, but we think they're coming Tuesday night! I love you all and hope you can all choose to laugh when you trip!

Love, Hermana Park

With Paolita from the ward who goes out with the Hermanas often

October 26, 2015


Emily's "ponderize" scripture for the week and a picture of somewhere in Bolivia

Dear people who haven't forgotten about me,

We're starting into the rainy season here! Luckily it doesn't start until exactly 9 pm, so if we're exactly obedient, we're not in the rain! :) But there has been a TON of lightning. I really thought the world would end last night, but looks like we're still here!

Last week we had a stake activity for only missionaries and investigators and watched Meet the Mormons! It was fun to actually hear the story from Costa Rica in Spanish! I finally know what her voice sounds like! haha Then yesterday there was a conference broadcast from SLC only for Bolivia and Peru! It was really good! Neil A. Andersen spoke and others from the Seventy. It was a great day! :)

We also had a ward party Friday! We all brought salads, and from Hermana Petroff and me was a pretty sad looking fruit salad. Sadly, the chicken and half of the ward didn't get there until 9 pm, and we missed getting to watch the whole ward dance, but next time :) It's really fun how dancing is such a big thing here. I cannot picture having a 7th ward party with everyone dancing to a mariachi band. We'll have to start that up when I get back :)

My ponderize scripture is 1 Thessalonians 5:22, "Abstain from all appearance of evil" I really like this scripture and like to be recognized as a representative of Jesus Christ! I love Bolivia and am so grateful for this opportunity to bring others unto Christ. I really had no clue what the mission would be before I came, but I'm so grateful I am experiencing it! :) Have a great week and take up your cross and follow Christ!


Hermana Park

October 19, 2015

5 Months!!

(2 emails from Emily today, the one from last week that didn't quite send before she timed out is also included in this email!)

The girl in Senac who is leaving on a mission today for Columbia 

The Greek pizza they always get

Their micro broke

They played volleyball with the zone last week for P-day, some of the sisters from her CCM group are or were there too.

Week Late Whoops! (10/12/15)

Sometimes you get so caught up in life that times goes by faster than you thought possible! Like when you only have an hour and a half to email and are writing the email address when the computer times out! Whoops! Sorry! Here's the email from last week! :)

Things here are wonderful! Bolivia is the bomb, even though it got REALLY cold again this week. The folks here said the cold came from Argentina. So, thanks Aleesha! And shout out to Aleesha on getting her mission call and Justina for getting her call to basically the prettiest place in the world! The mission really is the most fulfilling thing there is. Its like eating a baconator and getting to the middle with bacon and more bacon. And wow bacon. Maybe its because its before lunch right now or that in my mission we cant eat bacon, but someone eat some bacon for me!
Things are GREAT with Hermana Petroff from Utah! She is so fun and we work really well together! I love her and am grateful for her!

Last night we were walking home and we saw an old man with a stick waving it in the air and hissing. hahaha What can ya do. But thanks mom for sending me mashed potatoes because on a cold night in Tabladita, mashed potatoes are great! :)

I got to have my first exchanges this week with the one and only Hermana McDonald from the mtc. It was so fun and we were able to learn so much from each other! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to learn from the other hermanas in the zone. :)

Update on Diego, his contract ended. He told us he found one in our area. Then found a better price in Senac, not realizing that we can't teach him there anymore. So, that's life. What can you do. Sometimes things don't work out as your planned, but God knows. He has a plan. So everything is okay :)

The mission is beautiful and there are miracles every day! We found a family and the husband has a problem with drinking. He did sooo good then last night he drank. He was so upset than he failed us so we explained the Atonement, and that we are NEVER too far gone. Our Savior will never abandon us. He loves us and will be there to catch us when we fall and help us back up and get us back on the path! Never lose the faith.

 My ponderize scripture this week is Alma 29:14. :) Joy in the successes of others!
I love you all so much!
Love Hermana Park

5 Months!  (10/19/15)

Yesterday in lunch, the members were all talking about this show that they all love here in Bolivia, and we figured it out. Turns out it's Little House on the Prarie. hahaha Who would've thought! haha
We have been trying really hard to get more less active members and just really members back at church. Last week we had 109 people at church because it was cold. It was raining on Saturday night and our investigators said that they didnt know if they could go and take their kids out of it was raining the next day again. So we prayed! Sunday morning brought SUNSHINE. And there were 156 people there. This Sunday the stake president said was the biggest Sunday to know if we would be able to make another stake in Tarija! I'll keep yall updated, but the odds are looking good and the family came. The first time for the mom, and the dad's 7th week at church. :)

Today is 5 months here in the mission, otherwise known as the best place there is to be. So here are 5 fun things that happened this week:
1. a girl was wearing a shirt that said "Be the person your dog thinks you are"
2. our investigator was wearing a jersey that said "Idaho Falls Parks and Rec."
3. Page 31 of the October Liahona has a family home evening in Bolivia! :)
4. I have been working really hard on my Spanish and have seen that Spirit filled my mouth with words to say about the Atonement to our investigator who drank again this weekend.
5. I got to hold a baby black kitten. (Hi Scout)

Things are WONDERFUL. Truly amazing here in Bolivia. I am so grateful every day for this time that I have to be here doing the best thing there is to do for me right now :) I am learning so much and learning more about the life of the Savior. I really thought about the saying What would Jesus do? and really thought about it. Whenever I get upset, discouraged, tired, I think, really, if this was the life of Jesus Christ, what would He do? We can all choose to follow the Savior and His example for us :) For those who have some free time, I'd suggest reading Jesus the Christ. You won't regret it. OH and read your Book of Mormon too. :)
I love you all and so does Jesus Christ!

Love, Hermana Park
Photo: On the roof this very morning with new companion Hermana Petroff

October 5, 2015

I love roller coasters!

Foto del Consejo de Hermanas!! Zona Guasalquivir

Well ladies and gentlemen, the time came early this transfer and the angel of emergency transfers fell upon me.

Here's a little history of my mission. The hermanas can only go to Santa Cruz or Tarija. There are many other areas that are small that only Elders go to. In the past these areas have been open to hermanas, but have been closed for about a year. Also, my ward in Tabladita is the only one in my zone with 2 sets of hermanas and 1 set of Elders. All others are 1 and 1. So I knew that they'd be bound to close up an  area, but I thought it would've been in the last transfer. So, they re-opened an area for hermanas in Bermejo, and this morning my companion, Hermana Padilla, went to Bermejo! Along with another sister from Santa Cruz, my first trainer Hermana Rivera (who only has a transfer and a half left of her mission!), and another hermana from our zone. And they closed the other zone of the hermanas, and Hermana Paz is in Senac now. Confusing enough? haha So my new companion is Hermana Petroff from Layton, Utah. She has 7 months in the mission and has been in Tabladita for 2 weeks. So we're going to split her area with the Elders and see a whole lot more miracles! :)So if that wasn't enough for you, Hermana Petroff and Hermana Paz were the sister leaders for the zone. Which means they go to Santa Cruz for meetings with Presidente and the zone leaders and have day long transfers with the other hermanas of the zone. But since Hermana Paz is going to be finishing up the training for Hermana Rivera, Hermana Petroff is still the hermana leader. And since I am her companion,  that makes me the other.

I remember when Meghan Hintze emailed me and told me I would love my mission but to hold on because it's a roller coaster! And was that not the truest thing I have ever heard! HahaI really enjoyed conference yesterday with the new Apostles who talked about how the Lord qualifies whom He calls. I am not at all qualified to be in charge of the hermanas in my zone, but I know that my calling is from the Lord Jesus Christ and I am ready and willing to do it! It's going to be crazy, but I found a scripture I really like in Doctrine and Covenants 122:7,9 "Know thou, my (daughter), that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good. Therefore, hold on."We also had a GREAT lesson this week with our investigator Diego. The hermanas in my area have been teaching him for a long time, and so I was persistent to keep him. So we've been working hard. But things were getting hard. So I asked a friend on a mission in Chile for suggestions and he told me that we should have the lessons in the church. So we did. We went to the church instead of his room, and we went into the area with the font and opened the doors. When we opened the doors to the font that was the strongest I have ever felt the Spirit in my life! We left the room to get the TV and came back and Diego was just looking at himself in the mirror of the font. We watched the Restoration video with an Hermana from the ward and the Bishop. We have watched this video with him before, he has seen it over 5 times already, but this time was different. The Spirit was so strong that there was no way to deny it. During his closing prayer we kneeled, like always, and had him pray specifically, like always. But this was the first time he didn't ask to know if this was the correct church but he prayed and asked to help him be baptized in this church one day. This is why I'm here. This makes everything worth it.

I LOVE my mission. There are hard times, but I'm holding on. I am keeping my arms and legs securely fastened inside of the vehicle and experiencing a lot of loops, but it's actually really fun and I wouldn't trade this for anything! Hurrah for Israel.
Love, Hermana Park

P.S. We went to get ice cream last Monday and there were giant (tall) guys and that's just really rare to see here in Tarija! And being who I am, I decided to leave middle school and asked one of the guys where they were from. They were the basketball team for Bolivia!  There was one from the Virgin Islands, one from Serbia, and one named Howard from Charlotte, North Carolina! Who would've thought I would meet the Bolivian basketball team. haha Who even knew they had one!

For General conference..we actually weren't able to watch the Saturday sessionin English, and only saw the last few talks in the morning session because the connection wasn't working on, but luckily worked! But we watched Sunday in English in the kitchen with 17 missionaries! haha it was SO GOOD. I love the new apostles already. And SHOUT OUT BYUI KIM B! hahaha Hermana Quackenbush and I were SO HAPPY to see our old President in conference!

September 28, 2015

Gotta Grow Up!

Family, friends, and countrymen,

This week I "killed" Hermana Holden. And they mean it! It was a hard, sad day! haha but as a result of her being gone, I am the new ward piano player. Shout out to Gentry Carter for making me learn how to play for her seminary devotional freshman year!

My new companion Hermana Padilla is from Texas! She said she lives about 5 minutes away from the border, so that's fun! One of her companions was from Argentina, so she speaks like she is from Argentina because of her. haha Life is a joy!

We got to watch the women's session of conference, in Spanish! It was so good! I did like the cute little Utah girls singing though! The closing hymn in English was so beautiful with everyone trying to sing along even though they didn't know English. I'm excited for conference this weekend! I heard through the grapevine that there is a special room in English. We'll see! The ride back from the church had to be with a member since it was late, so the Bishop came and picked up pretty much everyone in the ward in his truck. Which resulted in me, my companion, and an 18 year old member Paolita in the back! Ah! haha Sorry dad!

It got cold again, then really hot. So I couldn't tell ya what season it is! haha

This week was good! Full of me leading the way though, so that was hard. The first day we went to seriously every appointment we made, every back up plan, every member, every less active, every investigator, and ZERO. Learned a lot about just being nice to yourself and knowing that you tried your best. I hope everyone can do something nice for yourself today! :) (my suggestion is get Taco Bell. Meal Deal #4 with a baja blast, but that's just me. haha)

I love you all and so does Christ!

Hermana Park

September 21, 2015

Welcome, Welcome transfer morning, now we rest from every care!

 Yesterday after church with Hermanas Paz and Morales who are in our ward and apartment

The camera went off too fast but this picture is funny. haha 

The district with a moving Hermana Morales who was running back from pushing the timer on the cameras!  

The actual district! 

Hermana Higham and me at the airport this morning as she left for Santa Cruz! 

Our zone activity last week where we played soccer and my favorite member Estela made us bbq! 

The Zone Leaders called last night and let´s just say that transfers are not my favorite and I was very nervous to hear the news! 

My new companion is flying in in an hour from Santa Cruz! She was supposed to come in this morning, but I don't know what happened. But at least we were there are the airport to see everyone leaving! Hermana Higham went to Santa Cruz and Hermana Quackenbush came here! Those Hermanas from the CCM will be my lifelong friends. (update! She´s coming at 1 pm now! So that means we´ll have taken about 6 taxis today! woohoo! haha)

My new companion is Hermana Padilla. Word on the street is she´s from Texas, but has Mexican parents. In other words, Claudia. haha So that should be really fun! Hermana Holden doesn't leave until Wednesday as well as Hermana Morales in my apartment who is also finishing her mission! So There are going to be 6 girls in our apartment until Wednesday. Pray for us. hahaha 

Welcome to spring in Tarija! And it´s extremely hot, so I am really excited for summer in December. But on the bright side, they have so many fruits in season now! Including the ever famous Park classic, watermelon! YAY! 

So my Spanish is still coming. I have now been out for 4 months. So it´s still coming. But this week while we were at immigrations for over 4 hours just waiting, I learned that my district leader was a cheerleader in Ecuador. hahaha He knew the words backflip, scorpion, flyer, etc. haha! But back to Spanish, our lawyer there with us from the church was asking about USA and how expensive everything is, especially college. And I said that oh actually my college isn't expensive because it´s in the church. And she said but oh your parents paid for it right? And I proudly said no because I had scholarships! BUT here´s where my Spanish abilities come in. I said I had vacas. I meant becas. Vaca is cow. I told the woman I didn't pay for college because I had cows. My Spanish gets better every day really. haha

I cracked the code of Bolivians. I thought "EW" Mayo AND ketchup on fries! Who does that! Ew! Then it hit me. Mayo plus ketchup equals fry sauce. They have fry sauce here. Can we please take a moment of silence for how amazing Bolivia, especially Tarija, especially my mountain area with a view of every Tabladita, is. 

I am really gad to still be here in Tabladita! Hermana Paz from Honduras will still be here too and she is hilarious! We were in a packed micro that stopped suddenly, so I fell into her and she said ¨Hey. what´s your problem?¨ hahaha hey! Who taught you how to say that! haha 

Yesterday the bishop got up at the end of Sacrament meeting and talked about the 2nd Coming and asked what are we doing today to prepare? If this was Emily one year ago (I feel weird because I haven't heard or said or seen my name in so long!) she would not be preparing for anything really! She´d be watching Pretty Little Liars. haha So really. Take a little step back and examine things. Is what you are doing now for the benefit of others or preparing yourself to stand before God again one day? Interesting. So everyone reading this, share this light with others! One of my favorite hymns is Dear to the Heart of the Shepherd. My favorite verse is the 3rd and chorus! 

Dear to the heart of the Shepherd,
Dear are the "ninety and nine";
Dear are the sheep that have wandered
Out in the desert to pine.
Hark! he is earnestly calling,
Tenderly pleading today:
"Will you not seek for my lost ones,
Off from my shelter astray?
Out in the desert they wander,
Hungry and helpless and cold;
Off to the rescue he hastens,
Bringing them back to the fold. 

Who will you help Christ bring back to the fold this week?

Love you all! 
Hermana Park

September 15, 2015

Yay for the 7th ward! :)

My favorite pday activity is cleaning the bathroom! :D 

When we had an activity in the fair and gave people chocolate and Christ.


Sometimes random cows just wander around our area.

What we did to Hermana Paz's and Morales' desks while they were at sister leader training :) 

I FOUND Dr. PEPPER and it was 7 bolivianos which is just 1 dollar! It was unbelievably good. hahahaha 

I cant remember if I sent this graffiti or not but it's funny. haha 

One time a lady made us shishkabobs and I have no idea how to spell that but I took a picture and here it is. 

The view from my window on a rainy day!

It was a really good week! :) But even better to hear of all the mission calls in my 7th ward!! :) Congratulations to Destry, Kyler, and Claudia! :) Hurrah for Israel! 

I had intercambios with Hermana Morales this week! She leaves next week with MY COMPANION Hermana Holden! :( So next week I will be getting a new companion! :) But really anything could happen in this mission! haha 

We have our "noche de hermanamiento" every Thursday and this week we had a little lesson and then played a game where someone does a dance move while singing "Ali Baba y los 40 Ladrones". And you know I was all over that! So they had me be the head person and it was really funny and we laughed until we cried again. Then because Bolivia is cheesy the young men's leader (who is a returned missionary of 4 months) said "somos pocos pero locos" (we are a little crazy!) hahaha It's the little things.

We had a conference with Elder Uceda of the Seventy this week and I am really happy to be here in Tarija where there are just about 40 people so we could just have a small gathering and not in Santa Cruz with everyone and their cat and the other Santa Cruz mission! haha I really love Tarija!! 

Elder Uceda talked from 2 pm until 7 pm, then from 7:30 until 9 pm all the leaders of the stake came! But it went by REALLY fast and I loved every second! :) He talked a lot about personal study and really loving your companions and serving them. I was heartbroken to hear about how many of the Latinos dont get emails from their families some weeks. So thanks for always writing me mom!!! It was really good and his English is really good too! He stressed the importance of languages and us gaining a good accent and the Latinos learning enough to be able to listen to the voice of the prophet! Then he gave a major smackdown to the leaders and we got another in church from the Bishop yesterday about keeping the Sabbath Day holy! Because there are tiendas outside of every church here and so it's easy for people to buy things! But it's ONE day that has been set aside for us to rest from our labors and grow closer to God! Just one day is all He asks for.

There is no greater joy I have found than here in the mission! Seeing our investigators come to church or really feel the Spirit and see their lives changing is amazing! But it's not always a bowl of bubblegum. Our investigator D. literally dug out my heart with a rusty spoon when he told us yesterday that church was normal, just like any other church he's gone to. So we asked him why he goes and he said because we invite him.  Hermana Uceda told us to have our families connected with us on our missions and help pray for our people here! :) So, being obedient, you could include him in your prayers to listen to the Holy Ghost and the answers he's receiving about the church! Also, the C. Familia to continue to read! :) M. who just lost her mom, and the man who owns the pizza shop Hermano G., that his daughter will stop being bullied in school because she's tall! :( Thanks! :) 

I hope everyone can be able to feel of the joy of sharing the gospel with others and just do what Jesus would do! I have been reading in Jesus the Christ lately and it is so interesting! There is a part I really liked about how He was perfect and sinless, but he had the ability to sin. He was tempted and any person would have submitted themselves to the power of Satan and sinned, but Christ being perfect chose not to sin. He chose to do what was right. Interesting insight. I also really liked the part about how when Mary received news she was going to give birth to a baby boy that Joseph loved her so much that he would save her from any shame and humiliation even if it meant that he would be shamed in the town. Do you save the ones you love from unnecessary shame and ridicule or are they the first people we take out our anger on? 

I love you all! Help someone out! Be nice to EVERYONE even when you don't want to! :)

Love, Hermana Park

PS If anyone ever needs a cheering up just picture me talking in Spanish with a retainer.