May 27, 2015

¿Que en el mundo?

Hello family, friends, Scout,

My P-days are every Wednesday! I went to the Lima temple this morning and it was so fun! *see other email with pictures! (sorry my grammar is awful because South America.) 

We arrived in Lima around midnight and it was hotter than a Bolivian. We finally got to the CCM around 2:30 a.m. and I could hardly sleep because the room was freezing because we don't know celsius. hahah The flight was good! They gave us meals. Hermana Newbold and I were in row 18 and everyone else was in 45 so riddle me that! The weather here is alright! Not too hot since it's winter! But it will only mist, never rain :( The sun came out on Sunday for a while! 

What mission is Kaden Brown in?
I taught my first lesson with my companion, Rebecca Higham going to the same mission, from Utah, and it was a little rough but it's getting better! :) We are improving the more Spanish we learn! |

My district has all of the girls I found on facebook (except Rachel Batty), Rebecca Higham, Rachel McDonald, Tori Quackenbush, Sadie Dolbin and Nicole Newbold! We are all going Bolivia Santa Cruz and 1 elder, Elder Hart too! They are all from Utah! The other elder is Elder Riddick and he's going somewhere in Peru. So fun!

Shout out to Caley for giving me that Onward pillowcase because I got here and I was the only one with a pillowcase not on my bed.

There is this AMAZING fruit called Granadilla they sometimes have in the cafeteria and It looks like an orange with a stem and the inside looks like fish eggs (yum!) but they taste really sour. Ahh it's good. The food here is.. okay. It can either be amazing, or a super weird casserole. And you have to eat EVERYTHING! So picture me eating a casserole that is like oatmeal mixed with really soft vegetables and my eyes are watering because I'm trying not to throw up. But sometimes they have ice cream! :) And SO MUCH RICE. I THOUGHT IT WAS A JOKE BUT LITERALLY A GIANT SERVING OF RICE EVERY MEAL EVEN IF I SAY POCO POR FAVOR. hahaha
The teachers are wonderful! One of them ALWAYS yells "Que en el mundo" literally means what in the world and it's a Peru MTC joke because it's actually not used outside of here.

There are a million birds and sometimes I can't tell if we're actually in the middle of some jungle or if I'm in my room. It's like the movie, The Birds.

Everyone and their cat is from Utah and they ask if I am from the South because of my accent??? What? Oh, so there are either Latinos or Americans and it's pretty much half and half. It is really cool because we all try to talk to each other in our bad Spanish and their bad English. hahahahahaha But of Americans there are about 10 Elders. They take up less than 1 table here and then the Hermanas take up at least 4! SO MANY GIRLS and we're all friends and I love them all! :)

Every Tuesday there is a devotional broadcast from the Provo MTC and last night Elder Holland spoke and he was HILARIOUS! He was not his conference self! It was fun to stand and sing called to serve knowing there were over 1500 missionaries around the world singing it at the same time in different languages!

We have physical activity every weekday and we either run or play volleyball or basketball so I branched out and played soccer with the Latinos and it was SCARY! I didnt want to even get in there because a girl tore her acl here a few weeks ago! No bueno, So I just stood there and lightly jogged. I am so bad at soccer. haha

Everyone here is SO NICE. It's unbelievable. I can't believe I have already been here 1 week! The first day felt like 5 years, but now they are flying by! 

Tell Claudia that part of my mission is Brazil and we might have to pick up on learning Portuguese sometime. haha

I love you all! I love it here! :) Tell Scout hello and feed her and make sure she has plenty of water! :)

Hermana Park!

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