June 4, 2015



I have figured out that Hermana Higham is "Conlee" hahaha so that's fun! :) We get along pretty well!
Spanish is now finally feeling good! I am getting the hang of it! I love it! It's frustrating the lessons not being able to express my feelings just saying the basic things! But life is great! :) I can pray and testify pretty well, that's all ya need!
The investigators try to make the lessons feel real, so they yell, speak fast, and play music. I have learned to ask them to turn off their music. But one lesson, I walked up and he was playing Take On Me by Aha and I seriously could not get anything out of my mouth because I was laughing, which made my companion laugh, which made the investigator laugh. It's a good time.
I have overcome my fear of soccer! hahaha I just decided to jump in and I've been scoring goals! It is SO FUN! I love it!
BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT: Hermana McDonald taught me...how to roll my R's. How exciting is that??!  Arrodillarse!
Things here are WONDERFUL! The new Americans came in last night and all the girls are SO CUTE. I feel so old and they look so young even though I've only been here for 2 weeks.  Oh, also, I moved up and am not a participiante (i dont know how to spell it haha) I am an intermedio! In 2 weeks I''ll be an Avecado which my district nicknamed avacados. 
This morning, my session in the Lima temple was with a bunch of Lima West missionaries and the president and wife! It was so fun! I am loving Peru! It is so fun to hop on a really crowded bus and travel! haha I am being serious! 
Life is SO GOOD. I am seriously having the time of my life and seeing all the avacados leave was so heartbreaking. We all stayed up until 11 (GASP) and a girl beatboxed while we all sang primary songs. that is the life of a missionary.
I love you ALL and I hope life is going so so well for you all! Eat lots of fun American things! :) Heavenly Father is SO GOOD and truly loves us all. Wait, I can say that in Spanish. Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial. Have a splendid week! Be nice to everyone you meet!
Hermana Park!

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