July 20, 2015

Another week in the BEST PLACE EVER!

Things here are WONDERFUL!
Here are some fun things that happened this week:

Our taxi driver yelled HOLA GRINGITA and put on country music for me because I speak English and it was some awful awful guy playing a guitar and an actual line of the song said "you say you love me but your friends say you dont." hahaha

We ordered A PIZZA. And it waws 100 Bolivianos, (20 dollars haha) and so worth it! SO GOOD! haha then the next day I ate a piece out of the fridge and I thought Hna Rivera was going to throw up. haha she said ahhhh muy mal!! and I said that it's fine because it was refrigerated and that was the first time she has seen someone eat a cold piece of pizza so I am so honored. haha

The J dubs were out in full force yesterday! While walking I saw 2 of them. They were white men. And we just made eye contact and it was like slow motion as we both thought "you're not from these parts are ya.." hahahaha

Hardly anyone knows what Idaho is and my favorite was someone said "Idaho, Ida who? Ida woo?" hahahahaha yikes. Geography.

I have Idaho to thank because I have a very high cold tolerance. I am not wearing a jacket right now because I think IT FEELS FINE but everyone thinks that I am crazy but the only time I'll admit it is cold is during the night or if it is really windy! So the climate here is wonderful. haha

We had a zone conference this week and it was so fun seeing everyone and learning more! The investigators here are progressing and life is wonderful! I am loving every single second here! :) My companion is also very patient with me and is really nice! So I have it made! Oh, we did accidentally leave the cellphone in the taxi on Saturdayhahaha, but they're getting us a new one soon! :) haha life is great! I love it here! Tarija is wonderful and full of delicious food like this juice that comes in a weird pouch! haha so fun! Thanks everyone for all your love and sweet emails! The church is so true and Heavenly Father knows each of us individually! :)

Love, Hermana Park!

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