July 13, 2015

July 13, 2015

 Some of the last photos of her district in Peru, they heard that they hide stuff in the ceilings, but didn't find anything there.

What a week what a week. haha

Thank you all for your sweet emails and prayers. I can feel them so strongly! The first week was ROUGH because, Spanish. haha

So, not a WHOLE lot of fair skinned, light haired people around, so while we were walking one night, a taxi pulled up next to us, said "chicas chicas!" And drove off. hahahahaha! What even is life. haha

The stars here are UNREAL. I cannot even believe how many and how bright they are! I love it! So dad, pull up your google sky map and see what constellations/planets I can see! :)

During relief society yesterday the teacher asked me what eternal marriage meant to me! I tried so hard and then someone yelled This is her first area! hahaha! There is a new member who moved here from La Paz who went on a mission to SLC years ago, so she speaks English. So the teacher had her translate and me speak in English. And it was wonderful! It was a beautiful experience to say exactly what I was feeling! hahahaha Then she translated it as "she said that temple marriage is important" hahahahah! 

We were in a lesson yesterday and I tried to ask if they had any questions about the plan of salvation. and the member we were with laughs and says "sorry, this is her first area, she doesn't know Spanish" hahahaha! It was actually really funny and not at all offensive. hahaha

We were given a 2015 July Liahona and the first thing I opened up to in the middle was a spread about Hungary! Woo! Shoutout to TJP. 

This week was good! It´s warmed up, so I could put away my tights and scarf! hahaha And don't worry mom, I reapply sunscreen every 20 minutes! 

Thank you all for all the love and support! And remember to never postpone a prompting!


Hermana Parque (haha) 

(I had asked her some questions about where she lives, etc,  and these were her replies):

So, yes. We live in the upstairs of a house where an old lady lives below, who is not a member. I never actually see her. hahah but she has a couple dogs, they are nice. haha I am in the Tarija in Senac area. in the senac barrio. Ward council every Sunday night. haha Its fun! We never eat with members and have a small camping stove that I have yet to use. I am actually fine with the food. I have a lil yogurt in the morning, a giant, and I mean giant lunch with a bunch of rice, a giant slab of meat, some vegetables, some eggs, some tomatoes, and some dessert. Then I eat again the next morning! I have even lost weight ;) hhaha The plane to fly here was just a normal plane! haha 

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