October 19, 2015

5 Months!!

(2 emails from Emily today, the one from last week that didn't quite send before she timed out is also included in this email!)

The girl in Senac who is leaving on a mission today for Columbia 

The Greek pizza they always get

Their micro broke

They played volleyball with the zone last week for P-day, some of the sisters from her CCM group are or were there too.

Week Late Whoops! (10/12/15)

Sometimes you get so caught up in life that times goes by faster than you thought possible! Like when you only have an hour and a half to email and are writing the email address when the computer times out! Whoops! Sorry! Here's the email from last week! :)

Things here are wonderful! Bolivia is the bomb, even though it got REALLY cold again this week. The folks here said the cold came from Argentina. So, thanks Aleesha! And shout out to Aleesha on getting her mission call and Justina for getting her call to basically the prettiest place in the world! The mission really is the most fulfilling thing there is. Its like eating a baconator and getting to the middle with bacon and more bacon. And wow bacon. Maybe its because its before lunch right now or that in my mission we cant eat bacon, but someone eat some bacon for me!
Things are GREAT with Hermana Petroff from Utah! She is so fun and we work really well together! I love her and am grateful for her!

Last night we were walking home and we saw an old man with a stick waving it in the air and hissing. hahaha What can ya do. But thanks mom for sending me mashed potatoes because on a cold night in Tabladita, mashed potatoes are great! :)

I got to have my first exchanges this week with the one and only Hermana McDonald from the mtc. It was so fun and we were able to learn so much from each other! I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to learn from the other hermanas in the zone. :)

Update on Diego, his contract ended. He told us he found one in our area. Then found a better price in Senac, not realizing that we can't teach him there anymore. So, that's life. What can you do. Sometimes things don't work out as your planned, but God knows. He has a plan. So everything is okay :)

The mission is beautiful and there are miracles every day! We found a family and the husband has a problem with drinking. He did sooo good then last night he drank. He was so upset than he failed us so we explained the Atonement, and that we are NEVER too far gone. Our Savior will never abandon us. He loves us and will be there to catch us when we fall and help us back up and get us back on the path! Never lose the faith.

 My ponderize scripture this week is Alma 29:14. :) Joy in the successes of others!
I love you all so much!
Love Hermana Park

5 Months!  (10/19/15)

Yesterday in lunch, the members were all talking about this show that they all love here in Bolivia, and we figured it out. Turns out it's Little House on the Prarie. hahaha Who would've thought! haha
We have been trying really hard to get more less active members and just really members back at church. Last week we had 109 people at church because it was cold. It was raining on Saturday night and our investigators said that they didnt know if they could go and take their kids out of it was raining the next day again. So we prayed! Sunday morning brought SUNSHINE. And there were 156 people there. This Sunday the stake president said was the biggest Sunday to know if we would be able to make another stake in Tarija! I'll keep yall updated, but the odds are looking good and the family came. The first time for the mom, and the dad's 7th week at church. :)

Today is 5 months here in the mission, otherwise known as the best place there is to be. So here are 5 fun things that happened this week:
1. a girl was wearing a shirt that said "Be the person your dog thinks you are"
2. our investigator was wearing a jersey that said "Idaho Falls Parks and Rec."
3. Page 31 of the October Liahona has a family home evening in Bolivia! :)
4. I have been working really hard on my Spanish and have seen that Spirit filled my mouth with words to say about the Atonement to our investigator who drank again this weekend.
5. I got to hold a baby black kitten. (Hi Scout)

Things are WONDERFUL. Truly amazing here in Bolivia. I am so grateful every day for this time that I have to be here doing the best thing there is to do for me right now :) I am learning so much and learning more about the life of the Savior. I really thought about the saying What would Jesus do? and really thought about it. Whenever I get upset, discouraged, tired, I think, really, if this was the life of Jesus Christ, what would He do? We can all choose to follow the Savior and His example for us :) For those who have some free time, I'd suggest reading Jesus the Christ. You won't regret it. OH and read your Book of Mormon too. :)
I love you all and so does Jesus Christ!

Love, Hermana Park
Photo: On the roof this very morning with new companion Hermana Petroff

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