October 26, 2015


Emily's "ponderize" scripture for the week and a picture of somewhere in Bolivia

Dear people who haven't forgotten about me,

We're starting into the rainy season here! Luckily it doesn't start until exactly 9 pm, so if we're exactly obedient, we're not in the rain! :) But there has been a TON of lightning. I really thought the world would end last night, but looks like we're still here!

Last week we had a stake activity for only missionaries and investigators and watched Meet the Mormons! It was fun to actually hear the story from Costa Rica in Spanish! I finally know what her voice sounds like! haha Then yesterday there was a conference broadcast from SLC only for Bolivia and Peru! It was really good! Neil A. Andersen spoke and others from the Seventy. It was a great day! :)

We also had a ward party Friday! We all brought salads, and from Hermana Petroff and me was a pretty sad looking fruit salad. Sadly, the chicken and half of the ward didn't get there until 9 pm, and we missed getting to watch the whole ward dance, but next time :) It's really fun how dancing is such a big thing here. I cannot picture having a 7th ward party with everyone dancing to a mariachi band. We'll have to start that up when I get back :)

My ponderize scripture is 1 Thessalonians 5:22, "Abstain from all appearance of evil" I really like this scripture and like to be recognized as a representative of Jesus Christ! I love Bolivia and am so grateful for this opportunity to bring others unto Christ. I really had no clue what the mission would be before I came, but I'm so grateful I am experiencing it! :) Have a great week and take up your cross and follow Christ!


Hermana Park

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