August 22, 2016

Hola hola

A couple weeks ago after our interviews with President, we stopped by the distribution center and I felt the urge to buy a Portuguese Book of Mormon. We were teaching one of our investigators, Chachi, and Hermana Undurraga picked up her brazilian accent and she has been living in Brazil for most of her life! So we shared with her that I had followed the Spirit in buying her a Book of Mormon and she was so touched she almost cried.

We have been looking for a new place to live for 2 weeks now because apparently it`s a rule that there can`t be more than 4 missionaries living in the same apartment. So the  6 of us are rule breakers in this condo we live in! But all we have found are rooms for rent. Bolivia.

After taking our measurements for pants, we got the call from the mission president`s wife saying, ¨The pants are only for new missionaries. Hermana Park wont be receiving pants.¨ How sad is reality.
We had a conference with President Rodriguez all about the Atonement. I had never realized that Christ not only suffered for my sins, but for the sins of murderers. The sins of all who have lived and will yet live. He asked for the cup to be taken, and in this moment, Satan and his followers were saying, ¨Yes! We knew you couldn`t do it. We knew you`d fail.¨ But He finished what He had been sent here to do. He did that because He loves us. And I love Him for doing it.

My pictures aren`t working sorry! But Ana Maria cut about 6 inches off! haha but life goes on. Change is good!

Hermana Park

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