August 29, 2016

So I`m training.

New companions!  Hermana Cayambe.

First haircut in 16 months, trusting in Ana Maria

The haircut with new convert Ana Maria

Saying farewell to Hermana Undurraga

All of the companions that are still in Bolivia: Hermanas Orozco, Alvarez, Undurraga, and Cayambe!

SO MUCH has happened this week. Here`s the rundown.
Well Hermana dreamboat Undurraga went to Senac! Where I started this whole journey! I was so excited for her, until we realized that she`ll be in Tarija and most likely, wont come back to Santa Cruz before I end the mission. We had a really sad goodbye, until her flight got cancelled! So she spent the night in the apartment, with us all, my new companion Hermana Cayambe, and also a special surprise of my old companion Hermana Orozco who`s in Tarija and her new companion. They came to Santa Cruz because she`s training. And so am I. That night there were 9 of us in that house.
Everyone screamed when we got the call that I will be training. Because it`s actually pretty rare for hermanas because there have hardly been any new hermanas in 2016. I went to the training meeting and we had a conference with Presidente and then he lined us up against 2 walls and called one by one who would be training who. And I am now officially training Hermana Cayambe. She is from Quito, Ecuador and just a basket full of joy. We have already seen so many miracles! From finally establishing a relationship with the Bishop, to Hortencia and her son Brian who came to church, to many new people we have met and will be visiting shortly.
Back to the 9 hermanas story. Well the fun part is, that Hermana Alvarez, my other old companion, now lives with us because she`s in Guaracal. So with the flight cancelled, the 3 hermanas that were going to leave for Tarija came to our district meeting! So I got a picture with all of my companions, who are still in Bolivia, in order of Hermana Orozco, Hermana Alvarez, Hermana Undurraga, and Hermana Cayambe! I really love them all so much. 


Hermana Park

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