September 19, 2016

adventures and peanut butter cookies!

First thing`s first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! :) 
If you havent noticed, Hermana Cayambe has glasses. We had to get her a new prescription this week and Derly took us Monday. Then Tuesday when Derly picked up the glasses and they had messed up her prescription. We got special permission when Derly had work off Thursday to return to the eye doctor. BUT they were closed and there is no parking in downtown Santa Cruz. So Derly said we`ll drive around for 15 minutes until they come back from lunch, because it`s a bit of a drive to the 4th ring. What happened is that she took us to see part of Santa Cruz, she promised to not make us disobedient and cross mission boundaries! She ended up taking us to see part of Santa Cruz that has mennonitas, the german immigrants who came here for the good soil. The mission is the first time where I`ve been called things for my skin color. Derly drove past them all and stopped and yelled, ¨mennonita!¨ at me and they all got confused and gave me some dirty looks, as if I had escaped from their colony in the mountains. We asked a man with a store next to the eye doctor and he told us her husband works around the corner. MIRACLE we found the other shop and got her glasses fixed. In other news a random little boy was running through the street screaming, ¨Yo soy Emily!¨ at me. Or Im Emily. Also Hermana Sanchez that I live with hid in our bathroom the other night and started running water in a successful attempt to scare us. Weird things happen in South America.
We visited the Zuñiga family again! Jorge was extremely excited to be able to read the Book of Mormon! He said he`ll read it all if it will strengthen his family. They invited us to have lunch with them this week :) Another miracle was with the mom, Graciela, of a less active, Gabriela. We went to search for Gabriela and she invited us in for the first time in a year. She wants to change her life and calm down her kids a bit. We are so excited to start teaching her again and hope that this can reactivate the cute red head Gabriela. Another of the many many miracles was with Lydia yesterday. We went to look for her son who we contacted and she invited us in and gave us PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES. She is an English teacher and once she heard that I know who Betty Crocker is she let us in and wants to listen to our beautiful message.
The mission is full of adventures and there are miracles every day. These people might turn down this offer now, but luckily it`s not a once in a life time offer. I`ll just put in my best effort and do my best now that today I reached 16 months. I love Bolivia and I love the Savior.
Hermana Park

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