September 26, 2016

And the miracles just don't stop coming

The cake her companions made her for her Sweet 16 (months)

I can honestly say that Friday was the best day I have had here in Bolivia and that Presidente Rodriguez is the best. I`ll tell you why later.
We were doing a little daily contact with Jorge Z. and his 6 year old daughter because he wanted to tell us about what he read in the Book of Mormon and the Bible. He said, ¨So I was reading in my Bible and there`s a part that talks about Christ`s other sheep.¨ We flipped open to John 10:16 and he said, ¨So that refers to us right? And that`s why we have the Book of Mormon. I think that Christ really loved these people and so that`s why after His resurrection He came here and established His church.¨ By this point, Hna Cayambe and I were just speechless. We gave him the Book of Mormon 2 weeks ago and he understands it better than I did when I came on the mission. We are literally just the instruments in God`s hands in these people`s lives. This is why I LOVE being a missionary. I have seen the conversions of so many loved ones. And can`t wait to see more.
We had a lesson with Teresa A. who had completely shut herself out of the gospel for the comment on her son of color. (being on the other side now and being one of the few whites I get many comments, but I love the skin I`m in.) But we were able to have a powerful lesson on the temple and that she needs to make some plans and goals to get there. We`re being the tools so the Spirit can creep into her heart, little by little.

We had a wonderful conference with Presidente on the Holy Ghost. One thing I LOVED was when he said that when we receive a prompting and we`re not sure if it`s from the Holy Ghost or we made it up, if it`s good - DO IT. We`ll receive the blessings just by being our own agents and acting and not being acted upon. Then one sweet Hermana shared an experience about trusting in the Lord and waiting for the family they went to bring to church and waiting and waiting and they finally left. She said, ¨and this family is getting baptized this weekend.¨ My heart sank and I mouthed across the room ¨WHO??¨ Because these are the Trompillo hermanas. My wonderful area where I was from January to July. Long story short, Hermana Alvarez and I got permission to go to a double baptism and see our 7 investigators enter into a convenant with God. We crashed a baptism in Trompillo Friday night of The Familia D.: Eduardo finally stopped drinking, and him and Betty got married, and their other 2 children Leo and Diana all got baptized. If that didnt make us cry enough, the family that made me cry the most when I got transfers got baptized too. Maria Lenny and her daughter Laura and son Pablo. We got there early and when they all showed up everyone was crying. Happy tears. We worked hard. Gave our all. The hermanas that are there now too.  And the Lord is incredible and converted them. Some plant the seed and others harvest it. But we can all enjoy the fruits of the harvest.

The Church is incredibly true. I love that this black nametag gives me a front row seat to the conversion of these precious children of God. My brothers and sisters. And oh do I love them. Go watch conference with questions and I promise the Lord will answer them, like He answered mine Saturday night in the women`s session. Especially when the cute Utah girl choir didnt know that they were singing the favorite hymn, How Firm a Foundation, of a missionary in Bolivia. I`ll never, no never, no never forsake.

Hermana Park

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