June 17, 2015


SPANISH SCRIPTURES that cost like 98 soles, or around 30 dollars.

pic from last week with hermanas that left

 singing from last week with my district and 2 random younger hermanas

placing LDM to a young lady at Garages hahhaa

the first pleasant bus experience YET 

group of avocados and intermedios!

This week flew by! I'm an avocado! (avancado) Meaning I leave in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS. This last bunch of Hermanas that left was sad. We all got really close and it was just a big weep party and they made me sing "Bop to the Top."  Then Hermana Gonzalez, Presidente's wife came in and said "Ladies, what time is it?" And I think that is the most scared I may have ever been. hahahahaha
Proselyting was good! It was Hmna. Higham, me, and 2 members from the Peru ward. It was Lima East! We visited inactive young women. It was so fun to just walk the streets of Peru! Everyone was just walking around. haha not like Blackfoot at all. haha so fun! :) Long day though. We were all so tired by the time we finally got back and had to go to class for another 2 hours. But Im not here to sleep!  Who needs sleep! Sleep is for the weak!
There was a white family here touring, and we were watching them all throwing out speculations of who they were, and it turned out to be a man who served in the Trujillo Peru 15 years ago coming to the Temple dedication with his family and parents. Hïs wife said "look kids! They speak English!" 
Today, I brought 2 copies of El Libro de Mormon with me. We were about to leave and walk back to find a bus and I took the copies out of my bag, because my arm was dead from carrying them, and 2 guys came up to me and asked me what my book is. So I told them and 1 was atheist and 1 Catholic but they took them and said they will read them because I am a "chica bonita" Hey. Whatever furthers the gospel, right? haha
The branch presidency changed in my CCM branch and we got a new counselor. Their last name is Sheffield and the wife grew up in Blackfoot years ago! How fun is that! Elaine Street in Blackfoot is named after her mom! Small world!
I love you all and this week was great! One more week in Peru then off to Bolivia! YAY! Cant wait! :) Except for the fact that I am going to have to wear every piece of clothing I own on the plane so I make weight. hahaha but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. I love you! Have a wonderful week and never forget how loved you all are! :)
Hermana Park!

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