August 10, 2015

I'm Higham-less


The roof of the apartment

Hike to Cristo Montano

6 de Agosto

Last photo before transfers

6 de Agosto

Pizza at zone futbol game


Things are wonderful and the gospel is so true! Anyways, 

We had a 5 week conference with Presidente and Hna Willard this week for all us newbies and while asking questions I asked what we should do for 6 de Agosto because our pentionista would be there and he gave everyone permission to go! just for lunch. BUT YAY! We got to go and it was beautiful! Every ward was a different city in Bolivia! So fun! But unbelievably hot. hahahah We got new investigators from being there too! So it was really good we were able to go!

We tried to explain kidnapping to Hna Higham's companion from Guatemala and came up with Siesta de los niƱos. hahaha

Speaking of Hna Higham... We were just minding our business getting ready for bed after our nightly pbj and it was 10:25 pm and she got the call and was transferred to another zone in Tarija :( Very sad. My heart is broken. I don't want to know a Tabladita without her!!!! 

But probably my favorite thing to do is wash clothes. It is actually really fun and I will never ignore the tag that says hand wash only on my shirts because what a party it is!! I'm being serious. 

Yesterday the weather was really windy and then there was a giant flash of lightening and not even a second after was the loudest thunder I have ever heard! It was so cool! Then it rained for a good 10 seconds. hahaha But I enjoyed every bit of it!!!!

The dogs here are weird. Some are nice and some are literally Satan and will ONLY bark at us and no one else. I'm convinced there is a certain house where Satan really doesn't want us to go. hahaha

Oh, and I forgot to say I got 2 letters a few weeks ago, the announcement and one with a program and pics of Cora in it! Thanks! I hope the reception goes well this weekend! :)

Our investigators are fun and progressing so yay! One in Vicente and he is most likely going to be baptized this Saturday if we can find the time to teach him more! Yikes! And another is an old investigator for like 2 years Diego who is in his 20s and decided to drop his bad friends and come to church and activities! YAAAAAAY! Life is good. We had pizza today. I have learned sooo much not only about the gospel but about life and learned that God is so incredibly mindful of us and sometimes when we pray for help, He will answer through another person. Answers don't always come as expected. Also, that personal revelation is still real. The heavens are not closed.

Have a blessed week! Find someone who is having a hard time and help them! 

Hermana Park

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