August 19, 2015


A photograph from a few weeks ago with Hna Rivera, sent to Emily's mom's facebook by a young woman in the Senac ward.

Hello friends, family, and countrymen.

Bolivia is SO fun lately and as I am writing this I am missing a giant parade with a marching band and dancers in front of my apartment for what I think is Flag Day today so thanks everyone. haha

There is an investigator we have that will see us and yell PARK really loud and then she'll come over and talk to us and it was scary the first few times because - who knows my name?! hahaha

Here is a story not intended for young children or for those feeling ill that I am going to share because it is funny and I am an open book.

My head has been itching lately. You can already tell where this story is going. haha I thought, "Oh, a pesky dry scalp like Hna.Higham had." But it kept getting worse and I found 2 live bugs in my hair. Gross. So I thought, haha, this is more than a dry scalp. So my amazing companion Hermana Holden did some searching for me and then we called Hermana Rivera my old companion in Senac because she loves this kinda stuff and.. TANGO PIOJOS. What is that, one might ask. The good old lice.

Yes mom. I have lice. haha I knew it was bound to happen because I'm always in micros and taxis with my hair down. haha Anways. Hermana Rivera's companion before me from Utah had lice and had a bunch of special treatment and shampoo in the apartment, so we have that now! Then I thought, wait a minute. I slept on that pillow of that girl who had lice. And then after me Hermana Paz slept on it and her head itches. haha Sisterhood of the Traveling Lice? Anyways, I did the treatment and seriously these Hermanas I live with are the best. haha Last night I was trying to do it myself and Hermana Morales and Paz the other companionship in the apartment came in and asked if they could help, had me sit down, and started picking nits out of my hair. "What are nits?" One might ask. Nits are the egg sacks that a louse will lay in hair that hatch in a week and can contain as many as 100 lice. So today we are getting a special comb and I'll do the treatment again and these seriously amazing Hermanas will help me get these animals out of my hair. hahahaha

Anways, if you read that I'm really sorry because it's gross. hahaha But it's a good experience to have because I always was able to slide past the lice infestations of Ridge Crest! haha

It was a good week! Our investigator wasn't baptized because it suddenly got cold again and everyone and their cat got sick! So we're hoping he's better by this weekend!

All is well here. I have officially perfected my grilled cheese sandwiches. Im seriously LOVING life and Bolivia and everyone here is so nice!! I drink my occasional Coke just to hear people tell me that I am the only white person they know who likes Coke. Thanks dad for always getting it. haha

I love you all and love this gospel. This week I learned a lot about the power of fasting. A true 24 hour fast and the miracles it can bring! I have received a lot of answers to prayers this week and have
really noticed how extremely blessed we all are to have a loving Father who truly knows each of us. Even if we may not understand the things He tells us to do, I know that everything will work out if we have faith and trust 100% completely in Him. He will guide our paths. What better life is there to have than one directed by God?

Also, we are having a noche de hogar tonight and watching Gracias a El with our investigator and I remember when it came out and wow. It is still, if not more, powerful. So watch it! I cant remember what it's called in English! haha

Have a wonderful week! Read your scriptures. Follow promptings. Answer someone's prayers. Don't wait to be a missionary, because you can be a missionary NOW!

Hermana Park

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