August 31, 2015

Better Together (speaking in terms of us and Christ)

Hi Mashaal!
Familia Martinez and Friends

Here I am in this internet cafe again, listening to an Elder play Better Together by Jack Johnson on his computer. Oh, now we are going into Banana Pancakes. Update: now we are going into a competition between what Elder can play music louder. Music of the world vs. EFY music. Gotta love emailing as a zone! haha But we can be better together. Us and Christ! :)

The Muslim man from last week is really nice! We were walking down a street and we saw him and he came down from his balcony with a pamphlet, a booklet, and El Coran for us! haha Very kind of him!

I hope Marisa had a happy birthday an in honor of her I saw a random woman wearing a Charlotte, NC shirt the other day!

We had a good week! I am learning so much and things are great here! The ward is so nice and yesterday for lunch the member who signed up to feed us made us shishkabobs. haha! Yum!

We were going to hike the Cristo mountain again because the other hermanas wanted to, but we didn't get permission! haha So I don't know why they let us a few weeks ago and not now, but tender mercy because soccer is more fun! :)

One of our investigators is really great! On Saturday night there were giant parties, loud music and we got worried because he cancelled our appointment that night and we got really scared and he answered and said "Hermanas. I'm not feeling too well." And we started to cry! haha But it was just because he was working outside all day in the hot sun and felt sick! He came to church Sunday! Things are wonderful! 

One thing I have been thinking about is trust. I never really have trusted in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ until now because I've just trusted in my own experience and thought I could do things alone. But sometimes you can't do things alone! Things happen that you can't really control, and that's when trusting God becomes a necessity. But at times it is so hard. The future is unsure and you want things to go your own way. However, things turn out better when we can stop struggling and give all of our will to God. When we can say "Take it. Take all my desires and make them Yours. Aline my will with yours." is when the miracles start to happen. I thought of it as a trust fall. Because we are falling backwards, we can't see where we are going and sometimes we get scared while falling and step back instead of falling all the way. But we need to just fall. Because when we fall is when Christ is there to catch us. And I promise He is ALWAYS there to catch us if we can have faith and hope and just trust Him. Trust is God. Trust in Christ. Trust yourself.

Have a fantastic week all (especially Scout)

Hermana Park

I forgot to add something! We had this family that was inactive for over a year and we decided to visit them! (I cant remember if I wrote this last week?) And so we went and they LOVED it and we visited them again this week and the husband said that after he told us to leave once because no one was home, REPENTED after because he felt so awful! They came to church yesterday and their friends from their old ward brought them! They are so happy and lovely and so excited to be back in the gospel. Everyone was really proud of Hermana Holden and I for still going back and trying, but it wasn't us! We just follow the Spirit and go where we are told to go! But the Familia Martinez truly is a miracle <3 Never give up on less actives!

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