September 28, 2015

Gotta Grow Up!

Family, friends, and countrymen,

This week I "killed" Hermana Holden. And they mean it! It was a hard, sad day! haha but as a result of her being gone, I am the new ward piano player. Shout out to Gentry Carter for making me learn how to play for her seminary devotional freshman year!

My new companion Hermana Padilla is from Texas! She said she lives about 5 minutes away from the border, so that's fun! One of her companions was from Argentina, so she speaks like she is from Argentina because of her. haha Life is a joy!

We got to watch the women's session of conference, in Spanish! It was so good! I did like the cute little Utah girls singing though! The closing hymn in English was so beautiful with everyone trying to sing along even though they didn't know English. I'm excited for conference this weekend! I heard through the grapevine that there is a special room in English. We'll see! The ride back from the church had to be with a member since it was late, so the Bishop came and picked up pretty much everyone in the ward in his truck. Which resulted in me, my companion, and an 18 year old member Paolita in the back! Ah! haha Sorry dad!

It got cold again, then really hot. So I couldn't tell ya what season it is! haha

This week was good! Full of me leading the way though, so that was hard. The first day we went to seriously every appointment we made, every back up plan, every member, every less active, every investigator, and ZERO. Learned a lot about just being nice to yourself and knowing that you tried your best. I hope everyone can do something nice for yourself today! :) (my suggestion is get Taco Bell. Meal Deal #4 with a baja blast, but that's just me. haha)

I love you all and so does Christ!

Hermana Park

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