September 15, 2015

Yay for the 7th ward! :)

My favorite pday activity is cleaning the bathroom! :D 

When we had an activity in the fair and gave people chocolate and Christ.


Sometimes random cows just wander around our area.

What we did to Hermana Paz's and Morales' desks while they were at sister leader training :) 

I FOUND Dr. PEPPER and it was 7 bolivianos which is just 1 dollar! It was unbelievably good. hahahaha 

I cant remember if I sent this graffiti or not but it's funny. haha 

One time a lady made us shishkabobs and I have no idea how to spell that but I took a picture and here it is. 

The view from my window on a rainy day!

It was a really good week! :) But even better to hear of all the mission calls in my 7th ward!! :) Congratulations to Destry, Kyler, and Claudia! :) Hurrah for Israel! 

I had intercambios with Hermana Morales this week! She leaves next week with MY COMPANION Hermana Holden! :( So next week I will be getting a new companion! :) But really anything could happen in this mission! haha 

We have our "noche de hermanamiento" every Thursday and this week we had a little lesson and then played a game where someone does a dance move while singing "Ali Baba y los 40 Ladrones". And you know I was all over that! So they had me be the head person and it was really funny and we laughed until we cried again. Then because Bolivia is cheesy the young men's leader (who is a returned missionary of 4 months) said "somos pocos pero locos" (we are a little crazy!) hahaha It's the little things.

We had a conference with Elder Uceda of the Seventy this week and I am really happy to be here in Tarija where there are just about 40 people so we could just have a small gathering and not in Santa Cruz with everyone and their cat and the other Santa Cruz mission! haha I really love Tarija!! 

Elder Uceda talked from 2 pm until 7 pm, then from 7:30 until 9 pm all the leaders of the stake came! But it went by REALLY fast and I loved every second! :) He talked a lot about personal study and really loving your companions and serving them. I was heartbroken to hear about how many of the Latinos dont get emails from their families some weeks. So thanks for always writing me mom!!! It was really good and his English is really good too! He stressed the importance of languages and us gaining a good accent and the Latinos learning enough to be able to listen to the voice of the prophet! Then he gave a major smackdown to the leaders and we got another in church from the Bishop yesterday about keeping the Sabbath Day holy! Because there are tiendas outside of every church here and so it's easy for people to buy things! But it's ONE day that has been set aside for us to rest from our labors and grow closer to God! Just one day is all He asks for.

There is no greater joy I have found than here in the mission! Seeing our investigators come to church or really feel the Spirit and see their lives changing is amazing! But it's not always a bowl of bubblegum. Our investigator D. literally dug out my heart with a rusty spoon when he told us yesterday that church was normal, just like any other church he's gone to. So we asked him why he goes and he said because we invite him.  Hermana Uceda told us to have our families connected with us on our missions and help pray for our people here! :) So, being obedient, you could include him in your prayers to listen to the Holy Ghost and the answers he's receiving about the church! Also, the C. Familia to continue to read! :) M. who just lost her mom, and the man who owns the pizza shop Hermano G., that his daughter will stop being bullied in school because she's tall! :( Thanks! :) 

I hope everyone can be able to feel of the joy of sharing the gospel with others and just do what Jesus would do! I have been reading in Jesus the Christ lately and it is so interesting! There is a part I really liked about how He was perfect and sinless, but he had the ability to sin. He was tempted and any person would have submitted themselves to the power of Satan and sinned, but Christ being perfect chose not to sin. He chose to do what was right. Interesting insight. I also really liked the part about how when Mary received news she was going to give birth to a baby boy that Joseph loved her so much that he would save her from any shame and humiliation even if it meant that he would be shamed in the town. Do you save the ones you love from unnecessary shame and ridicule or are they the first people we take out our anger on? 

I love you all! Help someone out! Be nice to EVERYONE even when you don't want to! :)

Love, Hermana Park

PS If anyone ever needs a cheering up just picture me talking in Spanish with a retainer.

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