September 7, 2015

The Tongue of Angels

 It was Matheis' 6th birthday so we brought him cake and had a FHE! Oh, and they made us this really yummy fried chicken, way better than KFC and homemade potato chips, so we're going to run Lay's out of business!

 When we found slushies! 

The time I put mayo on my head for the lice! hahaha thanks for the tip because I think they're gone!! 

the 4 of us in Tabladita before Higham left (cant remember which pics I sent and didnt! haha)

 the Cristo mountain

Good graffiti

When I gave blood for immigration (these pics are way old. haha)

Your weekly dose of music: The boy next to me is playing a song, not sure the title, but "I just died in your arms..." you know the one. It's 80's day!

Yesterday in Tarija it was the day of walking! No taxis, no micros, no cars! Kids played soccer in the busiest roads, everyone was late to church, it was just a beautiful day! :) 

I thought the mission was going great! And then we had interviews with Presidente and I feel like I am a whole new missionary! Elder Uceda is coming this Saturday to talk to us so that should be amazing! Time is flying and really can someone tell me how it is not May 28th right now? I was walking before, but now I'm running! Because time is ticking! There are people who need me. I am ready to find them! 

We had a good week! It got colder! There were emergency transfers again, which by the grace of heaven did not affect me again! haha But now Hermana Dolbin and McDonald are companions! How does that even happen? haha We were all in the CCM together! 

I was thinking a lot about the words we use. My favorite talk and I am so glad I brought it is The Tongue of Angels by Jeffrey R Holland and everyone go read it right now! The most eye opening part was a part from the Apocrypha "The stroke of the whip maketh marks in the flesh: but the stroke of the tongue breaketh the bones." We need to be so careful with our words! Everyone just be happy and nice to one another! It's pretty easy for me right now because I don't know any mean words in Spanish. hahaha But everyone who is reading this email, say something kind to someone else. Pray for the tongue of angels. Just talk to everyone as you would to Christ. "Even as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren ye have done it unto me."

Have just a wonderful week! Be kind! Go out of your way to help another! This week we saw a woman carrying her groceries and a giant bag on her head and it fell in the middle of traffic and no cars stopped to help her! Be the car that stops! You all are lovely! 

Hermana Park!

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