November 2, 2015

And they who reject this glad message, shall never such happiness know.

At the Bishop's house last night for FHE

Waiting with Hermana Petroff for the transfer calls that never came

The District

Exchanges with Hermana Antonio from Peru

Soaking wet from the rain, with Greek Pizza

First off, I hope Cora had a very happy 4th birthday :) I loved the pictures I got of her and Gemma and Michelle! I have the cutest nieces! :)

We saw miracles and a whole lot of rain here this week! We found Diego and his contract was messed up so he was still here, until he moves tomorrow. So we had a lesson and buckled him down for his baptism. He cancelled on us 2 nights in a row then told us Friday night that he needs more time. Whatdya do. haha

So we were running back to the house because it was raining, we didn´t want to be soaked, and we needed to get back before 9, and as I tried to avoid a puddle and I tripped over Hermana Petroff and fell face first, on my stomach and my bag into a big puddle. As I laid on the ground soaking in the puddle, I thought I could either get up and cry or get up and laugh. And so I cried..because I was laughing so hard. There we were in Tabladita. 2 girls from the United States in skirts. Soaking. hahaha I just laughed and thanked Heavenly Father for this opportunity to get to know the ground a bit better. Haha Don´t worry because I only have scraped knees. But really, I love being soaked in
the rain. haha

A man rode by me in a bike and yelled "Rubiacita" And I laughed for a really long time because I pictured dad on his bike yelling that. haha

It was a great, rainy week! Usually transfers are Sunday night, but we think they're coming Tuesday night! I love you all and hope you can all choose to laugh when you trip!

Love, Hermana Park

With Paolita from the ward who goes out with the Hermanas often

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