December 14, 2015

Màs Cristo

Last Monday we had an activity with the hermanas in my zone! We each brought a weird piece of clothing that we found in our apartment from a past hermana, and it got miscommunicated to Hermana Antonio from Peru, so I got a really cute skirt! haha 

I made a tree to put all of the mittens that everyone sent me on, and I promise it looked a lot cuter before it fell down and I had to use an unbelievable amount of tape to keep it up. But thanks for everyone who sent me one with a cute note! :)

The Bishop´s family, and Roxana and Jonny´s family last night in the family home evening! :)

It was a great week! As the sister leaders we were able to study with every companionship individually then inspect their apartment! Life in Bolivia is a bit toasty lately. Someone send some snow my way! 

Last night we had an adorable family home evening at the Bishop´s house with a family we are teaching, Roxana and Jonny. The Bishop gave the lesson on how we are all children of God, and they had never really thought about that before. It was a wonderful night and we had so much fun with them! They are learning that when they read The Book of Mormon, everything goes better, because they stopped reading for a while and basically everything went wrong in their lives that week. I hope that you can all really delight in reading the Book of Mormon. I promise that life goes better when you read! :) Like we tell the people we teach, at least 5 minutes every day. It´s better to read a little, than nothing at all! 

Next week is Christmas! The time is literally flyyying. As you all get all cozy with your hot chocolate and cookies and finish Christmas shopping, think of what gift you are going to give to Jesus Christ. Will you be more patient, more loving, read your scriptures more, dedicate all of Sunday to Him? Heavenly Father gave us Him as the best gift we have received! I hope we can all repay the favor and make this Christmas more about Christ and less about us. What´s really interesting is that in Spanish the word màs means more. So make this Christmas màs Christ! I love you all! 


Hermana Park

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