December 7, 2015

Letter Day!

When you send me 2 packages and they come on the same day!

At the waterfall with my zone

Candid with the contents of the package

The Culligan headband is my favorite! 

The zone leaders just gave me 18 LETTERS and I thought it was a joke. Everyone who sent one is an angel! So thank you! You know who you are!

Today we hermanas are going to a church to play soccer, then we are going to play a little white elephant game where everyone brought a weird piece of clothing from their house, because literally there are just bags and bags in every area from past sister missionaries, then we are eating a pizza. They call it the interminable, or unfinishable. 

Friday morning I woke up to hear ¨In the name of Jesus Christ, I command thee to leave!¨ And Hermana Petroff had a dream she was casting out a ghost. hahahaha gotta love companions! 

Sometimes things don´t go the way you wanted, but you just keep going and keep smiling because the mission is full of miracles! I may not have my hymnal because I lost it and my scriptures may be water stained because it´s been raining so much lately, but I have a wonderful family, food to eat, and a place to sleep. So there´s nothing wrong in my life :)

On Monday, we got to go to Santa Cruz for the leadership council with the mission president. It was all about the Sabbath Day. President told us a story of when he watched an apostle take the Sacrament. He picked up the bread, cried, then ate it, like he was literally eating the flesh of Christ. I tried to really keep the Sabbath Day holy. To holify it. So this week I want to challenge everyone to really sanctify the Sabbath Day. Don´t treat it like any other day! Give yourself a break from life and read your scriptures :) 

I love you all! Stay safe and have a snowball fight! 

Love, Hermana Park

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