February 29, 2016

One more day!!

Baptism of Yolanda and Antonio!

What a blessing it is to have an extra day here in beautiful, sunny Santa Cruz! We had an exciting week. It gets even better than seeing a giant rat jump out of the kitchen window of a third story apartment onto the neighbor's roof or when we showed up at the house of a family that got baptized in November after receiving a referral of his brother and the family invited us in and fed us, even though they have hardly anything. They dont give because they have not, but when they have, they give.

The exciting part was the baptism of Yolanda and Antonio! They are SO cute and SO happy to be members. Their baptism was a little delayed because our ward mission leader was going to baptize them, but couldn´t find his white pants! So an hour later we finally got things going! Our pensionista Magui made them a cake, (it looked really good...Stake Conference this week, so fast Sunday yesterday.) Everyone was happy. Yolanda swallowed some water and called me "Hermana Choca," which is said to be a little more offensive than Gringa. But I dont take offense! haha

Yolanda let her granddaughter dye her hair and doesn´t have a mirror, so this was the first time she saw her hair is red. And her son Antonio was very excited to make new friends in priesthood! BUT they almost didn´t get the Holy Ghost yesterday because it was raining. HARD. Which is a sign for everyone to not come to church. So we went to their house at 7:30. Soaking. And helped them get everything ready to come. They were ready at 8:30, church starts at 8, so we were trying to flag down a taxi, but they wanted to overcharge us, so we waited some more. Then a member drove past with her daughter and only had room for 2! So we sent off Yolanda and Antonio, and they are confirmed members of La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los santos de los últimos días. YAY! The church is true!
We have an extra day of life today and my hope is that everyone takes this day to serve someone, share the gospel, smile at someone. Go the extra mile to make this the best February 29th to remember for the next 4 years! You are all wonderful.

With love,
Hermana Park

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