February 1, 2016


From the last activity in Tarija last Monday where we celebrated Hermana Trimble's birthday!

BYE Hermana Petroff! 

HELLO Hermana Orozco! (dont be fooled, there is another huge suitcase behind the other one!)

We got a call from the zone leaders Tuesday morning that said "hey hermanas. Just wanted to tell you that Hermana Park needs to start packing and we'll call you tonight to tell you where she goes." What a lovely call. haha I tried to work my very hardest on my last day in Tabladita and in Tarija! We celebrated by eating a whole Greek pizza Tuesday night. Then Wednesday morning every hermana from the USA that I came with and I flew to Santa Cruz! It was a teary goodbye in the airport, but they gave us a muffin and dried fruit on the plane, so it's okay. (And Raqual got baptized on Saturday and her husband, Mateo got to baptize her!)

The zone leaders said "Hermana Park, you are going to the zone Cañoto. Your area is TROMPILLO." otherwise known as Hermana Petroff's only other area! the first thing I said was"Are you kidding me?" Because when we came to Santa Cruz for training 3 times, we stayed in Trompillo, I have eaten with the pensionista, I knew some of the members, and best yet, I had gone on splits with my companion! The sweet, crazy Hermana Orozco from Columbia. She told me "I have 4 months in the mission. I am so glad to have been put with an antigua" or ancient. hahaha who knew 8 months makes you ancient.

But I really do love Trompillo. I dont know how many people came up to me in church yesterday to tell me welcome to Trompillo!! And how happy they were that I can play the piano! (even if it isn't Sister Hale status good!) Also, a boy came up to me and asked if I know Stan Cook, who was his mission president, and our ward misson leader went to Shelley a few months ago to visit his brother (who owns a restaurant in Idaho Falls called Argula Deli or something). SMALL WORLD! We got a surprise Fridaynight and the mission nurse, who is in a trio, moved in with us! So we are living as 5 hermanas! That will be fun this next weekend for carnaval. (The mission nurse, Hermana Huber, went to BYUI and knows Kyle Sargent!)

Special alert: We will be on lock down SundayMonday, and Tuesday so I'll write you all on the 15th! I LOVE YOU ALL and I hope you can enjoy the first day of the month of love by feeling of Heavenly Father's love for you and how He knows YOU personally :) Happy Valentine's Day!

Hermana Park

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