January 25, 2016

Water balloon fight!

The hermanas in my zone when we went to the Casa Dorada! 
It is really pretty and is on the bill 20 in Bolivianos! 

My district, Elder Hernandez, Elder Palomar, Hermana Petroff, me, Hermana Paz, Hermana Cabrera!

 After the conference, 2 of the hermanas from Bermejo stayed at our house! Hermana Padilla (my former companion I had for 2 weeks!) and Hermana Logovii, from Samoa! I got to teach with Hermana Padilla again and it was just like good old times, 4 months ago!

We found a restaurant called XOXO that had buffalo wings! 
(Do you like the Louisville shirt I found here? haha)

This Wednesday are transfers! Just glad they weren´t last night! It´s scary because I have been here in my beloved area of Tabladita for a good chunk of time! 1.5 months in the MTC, 3 weeks in Senac, 6 months in Tabladita equals more than 8 months as Hermana Park! Still feels like I just landed in Peru. 

We are busy preparing Raquel for her baptism this Saturday! She has had an unbelievable amount of doubts and her husband wouldn´t wait for her because he wanted to get baptized NOW so he got baptized in November (Mateo!) And then she just decided it was time, but she wanted to keep it a surprise from the ward! So she had the Bishop announce it in Sacrament meeting at the end after Mateo gave his first talk on humility (which he rocked!) and she just smiled and the look on Mateo´s face was PRICELESS. So our recent convert will baptize his wife :) 

The weather is warming up, the rain is gone, so that means it´s time for carnival! Just 2 weeks away when we spend 3 days locked in our house! (hope my companion is nice!) But people are already starting the traditions. We´ve got people dancing with baskets of fruit on their heads, squirt gun fights, and best of all the water balloons. It´s just another reason I LOVE Bolivia. Yesterday we were walking down the street, and there were a bunch of kids playing, and their dad yelled ¨Look at the queens! Get them!¨(They use the word queen a lot, reina, just in every day conversation.) So we were running from a group of 10 kids under the age of 12 pelting us with water balloons! We´ve also gotten them thrown at us quite a bit, but these soccer players don´t have good arms! 

We had 2 wonderful conferences this week, Tuesday with Presidente with more preparation for Wednesday! The conference, that we got to watch in English! The leaders of the church spoke about how we can Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. We learned so much. The things are SO SIMPLE. Missionary work is so simple. We over complicate it! I am excited to be able to apply all that I learn now, and in this next transfer! :) 

The mission is wonderful. Bolivia is perfect. The people are angels. And I hope everyone is reading their Book of Mormon :)

Love, Hermana Park

PS. Yesterday the stake brought in pop for the relief society and told us to all drink it as fast as we could so that they could return the glass bottles. From the stake, or a sneaky trick from another church to kill us all with poisoned pop?

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