May 9, 2016

don't stop

Mid Skyping

Another Skype

The sisters and mom of Skype

Hermana Newbold came from Tarija for leadership conference and we had a fun lil 3 hour intercambio! 

in the park this morning on the way here!!

It was so fun to see you all last night! I love my family and am so grateful for temples. We are all sealed together. What greater security and comfort could there be?

¨When was the last time I decided to be happy, rather than demanding to be right?¨ by Linda K Burton has become one of my favorite quotes that I am trying to write upon my heart! This week, we were invited by a family to teach their neighbor who has been less active for years in their house. The less active man came, and his granddaughter tagged along. She´s in her 20´s. But it turned into the granddaughter, from another religion, interrogating us with questions she had printed out. It was like I was in an episode of Criminal Minds in the court room. ¨Hermana, could you show me where in the Bible it says that we will be gods after this life?¨ And I thought, this is a test!! God is testing us! Are we going to freak out, flip through the Bible and have a little bash contest with her? Or not... So I just smiled at her, which made her even madder, and just bore my testimony of the church, the Book of Mormon, etc. Nothing good comes from raising your voice or your temper!

Our investigators are being a bit floja, which means, LAZY. haha Colder weather means more people want to stay in their cozy beds, drinking mate. I mean, I would love to do that too every once in a while, but this life is a time for preparation, not for relaxation. :) 

The Familia Arredondo didnt come to church yesterday because their brother-in-law is sick and came to stay with them, but they are reading their Books of Mormon! One of our investigators hid from us yesterday, ¨But hermana I just saw her and heard her.¨ ¨Why would I lie? She´s not home!¨ haha and the rest are just floating in limbo! But we are working hard and Elder Hugo Montoya is coming to the mission this week! 

Read your Book of Mormon EVERY DAY! 

I love you all!!

Hermana Park

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