May 24, 2016


the cake our pensionista Magui made for me!
with Magui! 

the special creamy chicken Magui made me

with hna Alvarez
cake from the Cesari family that they made me! 

After they shoved my face in it!

With them all after! 

with the Cañoto hnas

hahahaha with the cake.

They tried to shove my face in the cake, but it didnt have frosting, backfired! 

the Hermanas from Cañoto we live with came with us! They´re so fun! 
It got cold, so I was finally able to drink my mate. Buen Día is the best brand of weird herbs that you put water and sugar in. 
Valeria´s mom Sofia is one of our investigators. So we ate her delicious lomitos, or beef on french bread!

The Elders showed up at the pensionista´s house, they usually can't eat inside because there aren't men present, but she was feeding all the taxi drivers inside! So they went in and had lessons and ate with them all!...while we waited outside.

with Hna Huber!
I had the best birthday EVER. I was so spoiled. Everyone was incredibly sweet. After emailing, we walked down the road to the store and before we entered, we remembered that we needed to print off pictures to give our recent converts, and put my camera in and the man told me ¨hey, I cant see anything. I dont think your camera works.¨ Aaaannnd the joys of the mission, all 1500 of my videos and pictures are locked in my sandisk...but nothing could get me down on my birthday! 

Then we found 4 stranded kittens and took them to our pensionista, because not only is Magui a world renowned chef, but she takes in animals, feeds them, and gets them up to date with all their shots and gives them out for free. She made me a cake and a special lunch. Then later, The Cesari Family, who got baptized in November, had a special family home evening for me and then after brought out a beautiful cake they had made me! They sang me the special Santa Cruz birthday song ¨Hoy queremos que seas feliz..¨ then shoved my face in the cake (see pics) 

It was the best birthday I have had and I was happier than I have ever been :) (PRAY HARD that these videos of this wont get a virus in the next 6 months so I can show you all!) 

But anyways, enough about me. 

We had a COLD week. Everyone was locked up in their houses. BUT we had so many miracles yesterday! We waited for a micro (bus) FOR 45 MINUTES and it never came. haha But God has a plan, and we had a nice little lesson about the Plan of Salvation with a woman also waiting. Her parents died when she was 9 and her husband died too. I am so lucky to have my family. I know that my family is eternal. I have been carrying around the picture of Steven and Shelby´s wedding everywhere I go to show people my beautiful family that I will have forever.

Love, Hermana Park

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