July 18, 2016


I dont like packing

 Last night with the hnas in Trompillo with giant hamburgers that I could only eat 1/4 of! (featuring my overflowing suitcase)
Jesus' baptism (with Hermana Alvarez and her new companion, Hna. Quackenbush)
Hermana Undurraga!

The call came Tuesday and I packed up my 4 transfers of Trompillo, with a few tears, and came to Los Olivos! My companion is Hermana Undurraga from Ecuador. She is extremely adorable and never stops smiling. I already love her! We have been able to find a lot of new families to teach! We live here in a big condo, 6 of us hermanas! The Elders lived here before and so all the door handles are broken and I got locked in the bathroom twice.
Jesus got baptized in Trompillo!
A sweet older lady who is a hair dresser named Ana Maria is preparing to be baptized on August 6th! And a family where only the father from Korea isn't a member was very surprised to know my last name. So we`re hoping that "Park,"  a common name in Korea apparently, can get us in the door with him!
My companion helps me know Christ more just by knowing her.
We are working harder than ever before.
I really love these dirt roads of Los Olivos.
Hna Park

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