July 11, 2016

The Book of Mormon

Maria L. and her daughter Laura (14) and her 2 sons Pablo (9) and Matías (5) after church yesterday. They LOVE the Book of Mormon and we´re planning for their baptism at the end of this month!

Ice cream marshmallows with Luana and Franchesco!

President and Sister Rodriguez and their son! 

We went bowling with the hermanas! SO FUN! I got 2 strikes with a new move I call not trying and being spazzy. (there´s a video..)

 bowling with Hna Alvarez!

Betty D. and her 3 kids and 1 grand-daughter. As soon as the wedding bells ring, Betty, Leonel, and Diana will be baptized. It all just depends on when Eduardo can get work off so they can go to the court house!

Sandra, who we visit often to cheer her spirit!

¨¡HOLA!¨ was the first word yelled, quite loudly, as President and Sister Rodriguez burst into our conference! The conference was AMAZING. I am a witness of the power of callings. He wasn´t called to take President Willard´s place. He is a continuation of the work that was already being done. He is bursting with ideas, and it´s amazing that they are working. Both he and his wife were converted young by receiving a Book of Mormon. I made the comment of how we should start giving out the Book and he yelled. ¨YES! LET´S FILL SANTA CRUZ WITH THE BOOK OF MORMON!¨ 

On the way home, we chatted up the taxi driver and he said he wanted to read. So we made him wait outside the gate and we bolted up the 3 flights of stairs to give him the opportunity to read his very own Book of Mormon. That same day we gave one to a man on the bus and a night guard. The next day, the bus driver and his daughter. Another day, a man in the park. Then with 3 more investigators we found to teach in their homes. They all have the sincere desire to read the Book and know if it´s true. We gave them to other missionaries as a referral. Like President said, we know how many seeds 1 apple has, but we dont know how many apples 1 seed can produce.

In other news, Jesús S. is going to get baptized this Saturday! He´s 9 and wants to keep coming to church and reading his Book of Mormon like his older sisters, Mariela and Valeria, do. He is SO EXCITED! There are transfers Wednesday! Yikes. We´ll see what happens. 

Oh also, today I finished reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It is amazing. It´s true in English and it´s true in Spanish. I started reading it in November just by reading a chapter a day. How easy is that! So everyone reading this email wherever you are, member of the church or not. I invite you to read the Book of Mormon again. If you are already reading it, GREAT! KEEP GOING! If not, today is a great day to start :) The Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love the Book of Mormon and I love Jesus Christ of whom the Book testifies. 

Love, Hermana Park

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