July 25, 2016

Pretty sneaky Satan

 This week was national friendship day and Derly, the member of the ward who makes us lunch every day, made us a cake topped with a chocolate banana and sister missionary figurines that Hermana Higham sent her. 

Us with the chocolate bananas we helped her make! It`s like Disney Land!

 I dropped my pen and it fell into the paws of this angry puppy but Hermana Undurraga saved the day with her big stick to hit my pen back out!

Los Olivos is the best. I LOVE it here! So what I forgot to add is that Hermana Undurraga is my adorable companion from Ecuador and she has been here for almost 4 months and is wonderful! I am learning a lot fom her and am really grateful to be her companion. 

Ana Maria came to church yesterday and all of the members were so excited to see her! We have been having a daily contact with her every day, whether it be an actual lesson, reading the Book of Mormon for 10 minutes with her, or just an encouraging note, but we have seen that she is gaining a testimony of the church. She is still preparing for her baptism on August 6th, or the 4th of July here, and all the sisters in the ward want to have a big baptismal service for her! The ward is really great, but we are praying that her kids don`t influence her decision and make her doubt what she has felt.
We are visiting the Rivera Family and last night the mom sat in on the lesson, for the first time in a couple months! Her husband, Nelson, was so excited to tell us that he prayed, because it`s really hard for him to not only remember, but also to really understand the importance of praying. Also, we found a new family, David and Veronica, and they were so excited to hear our message...and then Veronica had to go inside and leave the lesson on their patio and we explained to them that since we didn`t have a member to accompany us, we couldn`t be left alone with David. We didnt make the guidelines. Aaaaand David got super offended, so we`re praying that everything blows over so they can find the truth they are looking for. The ways I have been able to see Satan interfere with the work are incredible. He REALLY doesn`t want these people to know the truth and receive these blessings. But the gospel has more power than Satan and the light always overpowers darkness.
I hope everyone can look for the blessings they receive every day! For example, waiting for Isabel to come out of her house for a lesson, we were looking at the stars and all of the sudden all the lights in the neighborhood went out! We heard everyone within the block scream, because losing power is bad, but we were happy to be able to see the more stars, even if it only lasted for 1 minute. There are tender mercies every day when one can literally hear ¨Now you can see even more stars because I love you.¨ Our Heavenly Father, our God, loves each and every one of us. Even when we don`t feel worthy of that love, it`s still there. Look for it and enjoy it. Like the brand Tommy Bajamas says, make life one long weekend.
The church is true.
Hermana Park

PS They passed out flyers in church yesterday and everyone is really excited that there`s a Spanish quad now.

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