November 30, 2015

The Liahona

Thanks for everyone who sent me pictures of the funeral! It looked beautiful! I was just about to tell you all how cold it was here this weekend, but I think y'all win. haha 

In honor of everyone coming home, I hope some kid on a bike yelled at everyone and told them to go back to their respective state. (Ask Doug and Marisa) Because someone just yelled ¨Good afternoon! This isn't your country!¨ haha 

We had a zone conference with President this week! It went really well and we got to see the new Christmas video from the church! It is really cute so I hope you have all seen it! 

Since I got to the mtc and saw people with conference Liahonas I thought how lame I was for just printing off a few talks when I could've just brought them all together. So I have always wanted a Liahona, or Ensign, from the April conference. I have one, but it´s in Spanish and even though I can read it, it´s not the same! We have a stack of Liahonas in the house because we get one every month. I organized them a few weeks ago, but didn´t see one. Then yesterday we were leaving for a lesson with a family about the prophet, and I knew there was one in Spanish, so as I hurriedly dug through them, an English one fell out! I just sat there on the ground, literally hugging a Liahona. Something that we take for granted and just put out for decoration when it comes in the mail. I felt as if it was Heavenly Father telling me that He has not forgotten about me. He gave me something so simple that I had always wanted, because the God, Creator, One who has the plan, loves ME. And you.

Hermana Park

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