January 4, 2016


New Year's Eve tacos and ginger ale! :)

I wish I could express in this email how much I love Bolivia. The people here are unbelievably humble. There is always a woman who sells scones on the street corner and we finally found her in her house to visit her on Saturday. We explained a bit about the message we have because she didn´t have much time. At the end, we were committing her to read The Restoration pamplet and pray about it and we´d come back next week to explain more. And she was nervous and said she didn´t know if she could do it. I was very humbled by her response that she is in her 30´s with 2 boys and her husband left her, so she doesn´t have much time because she is always working, but more than her parents died when she was 6 years old, so she had to start working with her older sister.She should´ve been starting 1st grade, but she couldnt go to school, meaning she can´t read. I almost cried when she said that and we told her that we would come and read with her and help her. When they pray here they give thanks for another day to live and for always having bread to eat everyday. 

Another reason why Bolivia is amazing: on new year´s eve right at midnight, EVERYONE shoots off fireworks. And I´m not talking fountains and sparklers, but giant ones that light up the sky. There were so many more than Christmas eve. We had to be inside at 7 pm and we made some tacos and goals for the year, then were awoken by a battle outside! Luckily, we live on the 3rd floor in the mountains so we can see all of Tarija! Way better than the 4th of July! Fireworks forever! Happy 2016! The year that everything changes.

We are really excited here in the mission because there will be a world wide conference, just for missionaries and the 1st Presidency and Apostles on January 20th. I am excited to see what more we can do to bring more people unto Christ! :)

The mission is a life changing experience and I do not even want to think about how it is 2016 and I will have to come home this year. But I still have time :)

Today Hermana Petroff is 20! I have spent Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year´s and now her birthday with her! 

Love Hermana Park

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