January 11, 2016

misiòn de los milagros

A bittersweet day to hear that Hermana H. who was my companion in the mtc and one of my best friends, is being transfered to California for her health. But I´m really happy that she will still be able to serve! 

This week we went to Santa Cruz for a leadership council. While we were on the plane, there was a tour group from France and I couldn´t even talk to the 2 cute girls next to me. In the conference we talked about how the new goal for the mission is that every companionship has to baptize 1 family every month! We are working hard to reach the goal here in Tabladita and are seeing miracles! Roxanna and Jonny have decided to get married this month, fingers crossed, that it´s before transfers. Haha but that´s selfish of me and I´m just happy that they can get married so that they can enter the waters of baptism, as a family, with their 8 year old daughter Mariam. 

It´s beautiful here and we are getting more heat! I love having a hot South American winter/summer! I fall more in love with Bolivia, the people, and culture here every day. The best decision I have ever made happened almost 1 year ago when I went to the Bishop to start my mission papers! 

Thanks for all the love and support! It is a wonderful feeling to be here serving the Lord and knowing my loved ones are protected! I LOVE YOU ALL! Stay safe and enjoy the blessing that Heavenly Father has given us to be on the earth, in January, or 2016, where ever you are! :)

Hermana Park

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