January 4, 2016

New Year, new you.

From the Christmas Skype with all the cool cats in my family, minus Scout.

December 28, 2015 

Yay! Christmas happened! I hope all could feel of Christ´s love :) I was SO HAPPY to be able to Skype my cute family. Best Christmas EVER. 

We had to be inside an hour earlier Christmas eve so we did the usual and ate the Greek pizza from down the road! :) We have to be in by 7 pm, two hours early, on New Year´s Eve! It seems like just yesterday I was with Meghan and Kristin Ferm at the YSA dance! Where does the time go. 

We had our Christmas conference with Presidente with all the missionaries in Tarija and Bermejo, so around 50 of us! We had a conference with him in the morning then we all sand songs and recent converts and investigators came! My zone sang "What Child is This?" and acted it out, and I got to be the angel! :) It was a little cheesy, but fun! 

Last night, the party next door blasted a remix of 80´s songs and older. We got to hear a nice rendition of "Another One Bites the Dust" while we tried to sleep! Also, we heard at least 5 times this week that everyone here has a sister in Virginia. So if anyone goes, I think you have some good odds of meeting a Bolivian! Gotta love Bolivia!

I was trying to think of a good resolution for this year, and here it is! I am going to do everything exactly how I think Christ would do it! WWJD. But really! As I read Jesus the Christ I am more inspired to be more like Him, do what He would do, say what He would say! 

I hope as you all come up with what you want to change and who you want to be, remember that it doesn´t matter who you were or what you have done. Because with Christ, we have a beautiful future :)

I LOVE YOU ALL and hope everyone stays super safe this new year :)

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