April 18, 2016


Our last zone pic before transfers Wednesday! The Zone Cañoto. What´s fun is that our zone contains all the Elders from the office. 

 I took advantage of our empty micro and took a micro pic! Usually it´s packed and I get a little too close to chicos. 

Reason 449595905400320203 why Trompillo is the BEST is because not only is there Burger King in my area, but also Subway. And I ordered it with EVERY VEGETABLE. I´m a changed woman.

I am so proud of my little sister, Ally Pack, who won Distinguished Young Woman! Speaking of DYW, the last time I sang in front of more than 3 people, yesterday Hermana Orozco and I sang a nice duet of More Holiness Give Me. It was incredibly awful on my part. haha 

SO MANY PEOPLE came to church yesterday. We are visiting a bunch of part member families, so that´s a great help! Marcelo came with all his books from church! He is preparing for his baptism THIS SATURDAY! I hope his interview goes well :)
My ward mission leader just called and took a lot of my time, so sorry this email is so short! hahahah He told you to all go to Arugula Deli in Idaho Falls, it´s his brother!
I hope everyone has a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!  Happy 85th Birthday Grandma!!

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