April 4, 2016

Si hay gozo en tu corázon

With the cute Valeria who got baptized in November. She has wanted to come out SO BADLY with us and visit, but is only 13 and we can´t be alone with her. But President Willard knows and loves her, so she got special permission! (And a giant 2 liter water bottle because they didn´t have small ones! haha) Oh, her favorite hymn is Si hay gozo en tu corázon - You Can Make the Pathway Bright - so she was happy! 

Our Hermanas activity last Monday was drawing eachother! We passed around papers and each turn everyone had to draw something, like the mouth or hair, then write a note on back! It was a really fun activity and I love all of these hermanas :) First pic was smiling, second was what our picture was doing. haha 

In our zone conference this week, Presidente told us that companions share bread, 
because the word "pan" means bread. haha

The Tabladita sister leaders came to town! I got to go out with Hermana McDonald and it was wonderful. She is a great missionary and I love her a lot!

BURGER KING. I was so happy!! 

from the trunk of our taxi after women´s session. hahaha we´re being safe I promise! 

"By the miracle of modern technology the separation of time and vast distances vanishes. We meet as if we are all together in one great hall. But even more important than our gathering together, is in who's name we do so." --Henry B. Eyring

I was able to watch the Saturday conference sessions in English at the stake center, but with cool new wifi, everyone had to be in their own building, so I watched the Sunday sessions in Spanish. Everyone send me your favorite conference quotes because some things just don't translate over. It was a wonderful week and I promise I'll write more next week!! I love you all so much!!

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