April 25, 2016


Ciao Hermana Orozco! (at 5 am!)

Hermana Alvarez!

Marcelo´s baptism! Still haven´t figured out why NO ONE SMILES. This Marcelo is on the left. With the Cesari family that got baptized 5 months ago and helped fellowship Marcelo. Henry was SO EXCITED to baptize him and only had to redo it 3 times! Since the ward mission leader wasn´t there, there was a confusion about the baptismal clothing that was in the church, so they ended up wearing the dresses and it took ALL that I had in me to keep my cool and not laugh too hard. 

Henry and Mariela´s cute daughter Eduana!

our last morning of workouts together in the park!

blurry hipster pic from the micro

these trees are everywhere! So pretty!

pizza last Monday!

We had transfers! My Colombiana Hermana Orozco was transferred to Tarija! And my lovely Colombiana 2 came from Tarija! Hermana Alvarez is from Medellin! She is cute, 24, a convert, and has 6 months in the mission! 

I remember one time in my mission prep class in my YSA ward, our teacher told us that missions are hard and I thought, ¨psha! what Debbie Downer! The mission will be fun and I won´t have a care in the world!¨ But when Hermana Orozco left, I had to get everything ready for Marcelo´s baptism alone and felt like I was drowning! haha Wednesday the ward mission leader called and said he wouldn´t be there, our member fell through so we couldn´t visit Marcelo, every appointment fell through, just everything that could happen, happened and I felt awful! I prayed SO HARD! ¨Pleeeeassssseeeeeee let everything work out because he´s ready!¨ And somehow, everything just kind of fell together.

The baptism went swimmingly. Henry, recent convert of 5 months, was chosen to baptize him! He said he didnt know if he should laugh or cry or dance. He´s a little soccer player, so 3rd time´s the charm to get Marcelo completely under the water! But I learned that Heavenly Father knows me, loves me, and won´t let me fail. The church is true. We have the fulness of the gospel. Jesus Christ is the Head of the church and this is His work. I am proud to be a part of it.

Hermana Park

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