June 20, 2016

Así es la vida

Our companion exchange with Hermana Canales and all she wanted was fries. That is an offer that I can´t refuse.

one of our investigators Elfi! 

Hermana activity at some historical museum and the lady yelled at me for eating cookies.


We got WAY excited about the salt water taffy and I tore the bag open without realizing it was a ziploc! haha 

from our special vip room we ate lunch in because Magui fed all the Taxi drivers and they decided to watch a movie! 

This week I learned that the Atonement covers disappointments. 

What a fun way to start an email! haha But Leonardo all of the sudden had to MOVE, then right after we got a message from our cute investigator Mariana telling us to never return for no reason. But one of my favorite phrases is Así es la vida, or that´s life! But what I also learned is that how can I testify or teach something that I have never experienced. After all of this, we got on a bus to go to an appointment and I decided to sit by a woman named Katharine. I started up the conversation and our small talk turned into how she has blamed God for some things that have happened lately. She cried and I was able to bear her my witness that He loves her because He put me on that bus in that moment. I was surprised that the words of comfort spilling out of my mouth! We both ended smiling and I committed her to trust in Christ and His Atonement. His Atonement is infinite and perfect. I´m thankful for all the things that led me here. :) Bolivia is a land full of hard working people that I love. 

Leonardo came to church again yesterday and his been telling everyone about his baptism this Saturday. I have no idea what´s going to happen but the ward mission leader Manuel is SET on baptizing him. If Heavenly Father wants it to happen, it will. We were able to teach the younger brother and cousin on Mariela and Valeria yesterday. They are both 9 and just mesmerized by the Book of Mormon. They love primary too! Sebastian and Jesús! 

We are also teaching other people. It´s not like there´s no one. haha but I´ll talk about them all next week! :)


Hermana Park

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