June 14, 2016

Then we were excited for him! I´m talking boys basketball, we´re down by 2 in double overtime and we make a 3 excited.

We really, but I mean REALLY love empanadas con queso with powdered sugar on top

The sun came out, I took off my tights, yay for a sunny day in Santa Cruz! :)

Tuesday night at 9:30 we got a call that the next morning we would have our last conference with Presidente and Hermana Willard at 9 am! The conference turned into surprise final interviews with Presidente where he called us out of the conference by companionships. One part of what he said was, ¨You know, Hermana Park, little Emily Jr. is watching you right now and she is so proud of you.¨  

We were visiting a family and they said that they were happy about the outcome of the Bolivia vs Chile soccer game…because even though we lost, 2-1, we scored a goal! I love that outlook they have. Things might not work out the way we had hoped, but Heavenly Father does not cease to bless us. 

Yesterday in church, Betty, Leo, and Diana, Sofia, Beatriz, and Leonardo all came! We were a just a little happy to see them all there... In Gospel Principles, Manuel was teaching about the things we need to do to enter into the Celestial Kingdom, and Leonardo was answering every question and commenting like he had been a member his whole life. After the class, Manuel pulled us and him aside and told Leonardo, ¨You are really special Leonardo and I want to baptize you this month. Hermanas what day?¨ I said the 25th and Leonardo said he didn´t feel ready yet. Manuel reassured him by saying that he will keep receiving the lessons from us and keep learning, but will be ready by this day to enter into a convenant with God and Leonardo accepted by saying, ¨Okay! It´s a commitment!¨ We also gave him a Book of Mormon to read and he smiled and said, ¨Wow, really! It´s for me??¨ I have never seen someone so excited. Then we were excited for him! I´m talking boys basketball, we´re down by 2 in double overtime and we make a 3 excited. The Church is incredible. 

Everyone else is coming along as well! :) 

Happy birthday Adam, and happy Father´s Day to all this weekend! 

I love you all and hope with all my heart that everyone enjoys the sun as much as I am right now. The Church is true and I have never been more excited to be serving the Lord in Bolivia!!


Hermana Park

PS Elder Owen from Marisa´s ward in Arkansas is now in my zone! 

Sorry there´s just one picture! We´ve been a little busy preaching the gospel ;)

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