June 27, 2016

Weird week

Magui wanted us to help her make the lunch for the kermesse, and she offered me a rib and it took all I had to say no. Obedience brings blessings, but it looked really good.

Hermana Huber´s birthday yesterday :) Magui made her a cake and politely smashed her face in it :) 

Valeria´s 14th birthday!

What a crazy week. This will be a bit jumbled because it got to the point of weirdness of a drunken man from Argentina rapping for us in the street. 

Tuesday was New Year in a little pueblo called Aimara, and since the President of Bolivia speaks that language, he made it a national holiday! The ward had a kermesse, or a fundraiser bbq to help out a sister in the ward (Pray for Sandra) and Magui made the picante de pollo and ribs. She asked us to help! It was fun and I got to use an apron for the first time since my 2 episodes of my cooking show I made. haha Then at 7 pm, Manuel gave us all fried chicken and we went over the ward mission plan with all the leaders. 

Then Wednesday we had our final conference with President and Sister Willard. Since it was their last one, it was less serious and President was making jokes right and left. I think they just didnt want anyone to cry! He said things like, "Dont cry because it´s over, smile because it happened." At the end, we sang Teach Me to Walk in the Light, and everyone stood up for the 3rd verse and faced President Willard and sang, because in Spanish it just says Father, not Heavenly Father, and there was not a dry eye there. I'm really humbled to have had him as my mission president for almost 1 year here in Bolivia. He and his wife have changed my life. The little things. 

Yesterday, Maria Lenny and her family, and Betty and her family fell through and didn't come to church because it got cold. :( So we were a little bummed in church. But we really saw the Lord´s hand! We visited Maria Lenny at 6 pm and we said, ¨Hermana. Our mission president is having his farewell in 30 minutes. Let´s go.¨ and she thought for a minute and said ¨can I bring my kids?¨ YES. It was great because they had asked 3 couples of recent converts to speak as well, including Henry and Mariela! (by the way, Presidente came to our ward yesterday. Never have I prayed more to be able to play the piano well. And he conferred Henry with the Melchizedek Priesthood! Henry was so excited and humbled that he actually came. I cried too.) It was great! Magui brought the cake we asked her to make for Hermana Willard and everyone sang the Santa Cruz birthday song, and it was beautiful. :) 

Leonardo went a bit MIA but we´re still in the game. We realized that we are teaching 4 little boys from different families, so that´s fun but actually really hard to teach simply! But it makes it easier to follow the Spirit. Isn´t that why we´re here? And we visited Paola, a less active with 5 kids under the age of 8. Returned missionary. We went with the Bishop and it was powerful! All she needs is support. So a brother passed for her and she and all 5 of her kiddies came to church. 

We´re happy. We´re cold. And we are ready to find new people to teach in this normal week! President Rodriguez gets here tomorrow morning! We will miss President and Hermana Willard, but how exciting to be here to get a new President! :)

The church is true and don´t forget to read your Book of Mormon and compare it with your Bible! I would write more, but you´ll just have to read my journal someday!

Love, Hermana Park

(These are some surprise photos that the ward mission leader sent Emily's family via facebook throughout the week. "Actividad del barrio")

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