June 6, 2016

Ella es mia...por favor! bleh

I might have already sent this..but KITTENS!

Yesterday Luana Cesari turned 7 and all she wanted was for us to come and eat cake with her! So cute!

Then with Valeria (Franchesco really wanted in on the pic!) 

The fun of public internets is that there is a young boy reading over my shoulder as I am typing this. haha I said ¨hola¨ and he told me ¨it`s english??¨ haha 

We didn`t get tranfered! I am still here in Trompillo with Hermana Alvarez! Sorry for the lack of email last week! We all had to fill out  a q and a and write to Presidente Rodriguez who is coming in 3 weeks! Where is the time going. 

It`s still cold and humid, but luckily people are getting used to it and have stopped hiding in their beds all day! 

Our lesson fell through, but we are going to teach a guy named Leonardo. He came to an activity with a less active member he lives with, and has come to church these past 2 weeks! He said he`ll never stop coming. Everyone LOVES him and we`re excited to get him into YSA because he`s 22 oooo oooo. The Bishop even went to his house to visit him and told us ¨Hermanas, he`s going to be a Bishop. Teach him well.¨ So praaaayy so he, and the Dàvalos family, and Maria Lenny who FINALLY accepted a date last night, can all get baptized on the 25th for mom and dad`s 36th anniversary! :) But they didn`t  come to church yesterday. FOR THE SAKE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY JUST GET OUT OF BED. IT`S NOT THAT COLD! ahem..anyways..

We are also going to pick up Beatriz again. She has been going to church for 15 years, her 3 kids are members in young men and young women, but they aren't married. but MIRACLE,  after yeaarrrs of legal issues, her husband, father of her children, is officially and legally divorced! I never thought divorce could be a good thing! 

The work is moving along here in Trompillo and the cold never bothered us anyway. To end, remember Elmer, the guy I asked if he was single a couple months ago? Well, we went to visit his mom, Elfi, the other day and there were 15 people there for her daughter-in-law`s birthday and she wanted us to stay. So we sang and ate cake and empanadas for a few minutes until we could visit Elfi. Well, with 17 of us, someone got confused and yelled ¨who`s cake is this?¨ and everyone yelled which piece was theirs etc. But in Spanish, everything is either male or female. As I quietly drank my hot chocolate, Elmer looked at me and yelled ¨Ella es mia!¨ (she`s mine!) There was an uproar of ooohs and laughter and then he yelled ¨I was talking about my empanada!¨ So, in other words, yikes. Ciao bubby. Not coming back! 

I love you all and hope everyone can make someone smile this week!!


Hermana Park

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