November 17, 2015

hi scout

and bathroom picture just for you mom. hahaha 

my district! minus the elder on the right. haha he's a zone leader that was sitting in.

one of our families we're teaching! Roxanna and her kids Mariam the oldest, Mishel, then the baby Sebastian! The husband jonny wasnt home but we wanted to take a picture anyways! haha 

because who likes normal pictures. Especially when it looks like I don't have any legs! hahah

they have salteñas here and it's filled with chicken, potatoes, and other fun stuff! a member of the bishopric has a little shop of them near our house! :)

my zone with our shirts that the stake presidency got us and our goal of baptisms until the end of the year. just so happened that our way tall zone leader from Argentina stood in front of the poster. haha 


They weren't lying when they said it rains here. We have had some little rain storms but on Tuesday night at 8pm. we had the most rain I have ever seen. It was CRAZY. Lightening! Thunder! The whole 9 yards!

We are teaching the cutest family in Bolivia. (see pic) and we were teaching about the 10 commandments and we got to the part about adultery...and the little girls wanted to tell us what it meant. Mariam (8) told us that it's when you kill an adult. Mishel (5) told us that it's when you rob someone and the devil dances. haha close! It's been a wonderful week here in Tabladita! 

I have heard some interesting things happening there with the church and such. Something I learned this week is that before the Savior comes again there will be many tests of faith to see who really is on the Lord's side. Follow the counsel of the prophet,who receives direct revelation from God. I once heard a story from one of my companions that there was a ward party and 3 men ran in with masks and guns. They said that they would shoot everyone who believed in Christ and if you didn't to leave. Many people in the ward left and only the faithful stayed. Then they took of their masks and it was the bishopric. hahaha obviously not real. But makes ya think. Who's side are you on? The world's or God's? 

Love, Hermana Park

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