November 9, 2015

The sun came out and I'm staying in Tabladita :)

Part of our area in the mountains 

We made peanut butter cookie bars but all we had to put them in was a frying pan so it looks like refried beans, but I promise it's not. haha

My companion got sick during our weekly planning and slowly fell asleep on the ground. #weeklyplanninggonewrong

My food on the airplane, because Bolivia always gives you food even when your flight is only an hour!

The sun came out for the first time in 2 weeks yesterday, so Tarija is a happy place to be! I also noticed that the stars really do twinkle here.

We had stake conference and there were SO MANY people there! It was wonderful :) Presidente and Hermana Willard came to talk and everyone loves them! 

Transfers went well! We got the call Tuesday night that I am staying here in Tabladita with Hermana Petroff :) We are still the hermana leaders for the zone! So that meant that Wednesday we got to fly to Santa Cruz for a meeting with President and Hermana Willard and all of the other sister leaders and zone leaders in the mission! I learned so much! We talked all about how we can be better leaders and it ALL comes back to love. And I love love. haha Because if we love God, then we will love the work, the other sisters, our investigators. EVERYONE.
I read The Tongue of Angels again this morning! My ponderize scripture is James 3:10 "Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be." I would like to personally invite everyone reading this email to LOVE a little more this week and try to be as kind as possible. Our words have the ability to help or hurt. I hope we choose to help and speak as Jesus would speak :)
Here is some love to all of the beautiful people reading this!


Hermana Park


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